All About Our Skin, Body, Soul Approach To Getting Glowy

You can heal your skin.
You. No dermatologists or fancy products necessary.

Not that long ago, dermatologists believed that skin health was in a category all its own — the thought that physical, mental, or emotional issues could somehow manifest on the skin was unheard of. Dermatology textbooks written in the 1970s and used up until a few years ago even taught doctors that diet had no bearing on the skin whatsoever; today, dermatologists are just beginning to accept the indisputable studies that prove the two are, in fact, deeply connected.

Skincare enthusiasts are catching onto this concept, too: It’s pretty much common knowledge that healthy skin involves both what we put on our skin and what we put in our body. (We’ve all heard that eight glasses of water per day can hydrate the skin from within, or that dairy can cause acne, right?) And if these two factors were all we needed to consider in order to achieve clear, “perfect” skin, the ILLUUM theory would end at SKIN-BODY.

But that’s not the case.

More and more people are waking up to the fact the health of our skin is linked to the happiness of our soul — we’re not talking about the metaphorical “lit from within glow", either. (There’s truly nothing more irritating than hearing “True beauty comes from within” when you’re dealing with a face full of cystic acne or eczema.) And this isn’t just woo-woo jargon: The burgeoning field of psychodermatolgoy is exploring the relationship between the skin and the mind; the book The Body Keeps the Score is a well-respected text that details how emotional trauma can manifest as physical issues; meditation has been shown to improve skin conditions. Can it mental health, call it emotional health, call it mindfulness… we prefer to call it SOUL.

Brands and consumers are testing the waters of this concept, as well — the popularity of jade rollers and the influx of crystal-infused beauty products satisfy this curiosity in a way that scratches the surface of soul-care as skincare.

But at ILLUUM, we want to go deep.

This is where Super Natural Skincare comes in: Super natural products, ingredients, and practices… with a dash of supernatural, soul-healing mysticism. Our SKIN-BODY-SOUL approach is an ever-changing, always-expanding (kind of like the universe) path to total skin health.

Want proof?


That’s me! Jessica, the founder of ILLUUM. I’ve suffered from every skin ailment in the book (raging acne, chronic dermatitis, dry skin, oily skin, psoriasis, you name it) and tried every dermatologist-prescribed “cure” out there (antibiotics, Accutane, steroids, topicals, and more). All of it worked — for a while. Until it didn’t. Until a round of steroids left my skin resistant to any and all drugs and left me with chronic, recurring red patches all over my face.

My dermatologists (yes, all three of the different doctors I was seeing in the hopes of getting a useful treatment from at least one of them) told me this condition — dermatitis — was manageable but not curable; I was handed a prescription for a cocktail of creams and antibiotics to bide my time between outbreaks, and told to schedule my follow-up appointments for eight weeks out.

Maybe it was the frustration of having no real answers, or the fact that my debit card was declined for my last copay, but I started thinking, There has to be a better way. I was spending all of my time and money to manage a condition that would keep me in and out of dermatologists’ offices for the foreseeable future. Who was really benefiting here?

Sound familiar?

It was in this moment that I started questioning everything I thought I knew about skin health, and embarked on a three-year (and counting!) journey to heal my skin naturally.

In that time I learned a lot. I learned that Manuka honey is a more effective face wash than whatever face wash you’re currently using. (Trust me.) I learned which foods will give your skin the glow-up and which ones will destroy it. I learned to never to trust a doctor who swears that steroids are the answer.

However much I learned, though, I missed out on more. When my condition (Perioral Dermatitis, to be exact) would flare up, I checked out of my actual life. I called out sick from work and cancelled plans with friends and refused sex with my husband and was generally a miserable human, crying and filling up my Amazon cart with whatever online message boards told me to buy.

I lost moments, I lost memories, I lost money. Any why? Because when I wasn’t beautiful, I didn’t feel worthy of being seen or heard. I didn’t feel worthy of participating in life. 

I decided that I wanted to feel worthy, even when I didn't feel beautiful — and I want you to feel worthy, too. 

My personal journey to healthy skin has taught me this: Nature knows best. 

Our bodies can heal themselves — if we do the daily maintenance. 

Our skin tells us what it needs through pimples, dry patches, and irritations; and it’s our job to interpret those reactions and respond accordingly. 

Skin health isn’t its own separate category; it’s inextricably tied to physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. That's why ILLUUM's approach to skincare involves SKIN, BODY, and SOUL.

ILLUUM believes the only way to truly glow is from the inside out and the outside in. This kind of glow involves nourishing our skin (not beating, scrubbing, and masking it into submission), nourishing our bodies, and nourishing our souls. After all, our skin is the largest organ on our bodies; the biggest thing tying our souls to the physical realm. You can’t convince me that one doesn’t affect the other.

ILLUUM is skincare for spiritual beings having a physical experience (or vice-versa, if you’re not quite there yet). I’m so happy you’re along for the ride.