A Low-Commitment Ritual For The Full Moon On New Year's Day


The moon is a powerful thing. Made of magnetic matter, the moon’s gravitational pull creates the ocean tides, is slowing down the rotation of the Earth, and even affects the water found in soil and plant leaves (a phenomenon called “leaftide”). So for anyone skeptical about the power of the moon when it comes to things like full moon rituals or moon manifesting, let me remind you: Humans are 60% water. It’s not off-the-rails to think that the moon affects us, too.

This year, on January 1, 2018, the moon is a full one. You’ve probably heard about that already... it’s kind of a big deal. But what does it mean, and how can you harness its power? Good question.

Symbolically, a full moon is the ideal time to release; to figure out what’s no longer working for you and decide to let it go. As the full moon wanes (AKA, gets smaller) over the next two weeks, the things we decide to “release” get smaller and smaller, too. And since 2017 was a pretty shit year for everyone, the full moon on the first day of 2018 is giving us the power to release all of that shit and start fresh.

Here’s a simple full moon ritual to help you release whatever you need to release and give it up to the moon:

  1. At night, make a list of the things you’re ready to let go of as you begin 2018. Write it on physical paper. Your list can include anything, big or small — from I release the anger I feel towards my father to I release my bad habit of procrastinating. Don’t think you can’t add “superficial” things to your release list, too. I’ve been known to “release my dermatitis” or “release the need to wear makeup everyday.” Anything is fair game. Go ahead, release your cellulite! (If you want to, that is — I totally support #naturalbeauty.) I like to make this list in a quiet space with a few lit candles and some burning palo santo.

  2. Grab a lighter or a candle, an empty bowl, and a bowl of water. Find a safe area to light your list on fire — preferably, one that is hit by the light of the moon, whether that’s outside or by a large window.

  3. Hold your list, take a deep breath, and say out loud, “I am ready to let this go.” (Or use whatever phrasing feels right to you.)

  4. Light your list on fire! Drop it in the empty bowl and let it burn, baby. As the flame consumes your list, imagine it consuming all of the things you just released.

  5. Be safe about it. If the flame feels too big or powerful or you get scared, just drop the list in the bowl of water to put out the flame, or pour the bowl of water over the burning list.

Obviously, this is less science and more symbolism. But perform this ritual and tell me you don’t feel lighter, freer, and calmer.

If you want to get super technical with what this particular full moon means (for example, this full moon is actually a supermoon in Cancer and is the first of two full moons this month, which is pretty rare) I suggest getting a copy of Many Moons 2018 Volume 1, which delves into everything you could possibly want to know about every single new moon, half moon, quarter moon, full moon, waxing moon, waning moon — really, ANY KIND OF MOON — in 2018.

For more casual moon observers, I’m obsessed with Jana Roemer’s Attune to the Moon 2018 Calendar (designed by my good friend Jess Wells!) which allows you to “map your life’s journey alongside the journey of the cosmos.” It includes intentions for every month along with a calendar view of the moon’s and planets’ movements. (If nothing else, it’s just a really pretty thing to hang on your wall.)

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