Go Smudge Yourself: A Full Moon Guide To Clearing Shit Out

Check in with yourself–have you been feeling a little OTT over the past couple of days? Like you’re in a glass case of emotion and everything that happens to you is either the craziest high or the lowest low, and energy is just kind of pulsing through your veins?

Yep, that’s the moon.

You know it’s a big moment for the moon when every news outlet from the Washington Post to CNN to Fox News is covering it–and so, chances are, you’ve already heard that the Full Moon on Wednesday, January 31st is actually a Super Blue Blood Moon. That long string of words means a lot of things (the moon is especially close to the Earth, it’s the second full moon of the month, and there’s a lunar eclipse happening, too), but there’s just one thing you really need to know: It’s powerful. 

Full moons symbolize culmination; the peak of growth. This particular full moon is happening in Leo, ruler of self-expression and self-love, giving us an opportunity to bring any inner work we’ve been doing into the light, in order to let our true selves shine. Which can be scary as shit. But there’s a ritual for that! 

Since the moon is so intense this Wednesday, you don’t need to do much to harness its power. A simple sage ritual, also known as smudging, will help cleanse your aura and cleanse your space, clearing out any negative energy and allowing you to move forward with a clear mind, a clear direction..and maybe even clear skin. You better believe this stuff is all interconnected!

Here’s what you’ll need:


Here’s what to do:

  1. Light your sage bundle with a match or lighter until it begins to smoke. The goal is for the sage to burn with only embers and smoke, so if a big flame appears, gently shake the bundle until the flame dies down. You may have to relight your bundle throughout the ritual to keep it smoking–that’s totally fine!
  2. Pick a mantra that relates to whatever you’ve been working on over the past few months. So if you’re focused on self-expression, it could be something like “I am open to divine inspiration.” 
  3. Slowly run the sage bundle over your body, starting at your feet and working your way up, fanning the smoke away from your body with your free head (or your feather). As you do this, repeat your mantra in your head or out loud, however you feel comfortable.
  4. Run the sage back the other way, from your head to your feet. As the smoke moves away from your body, imagine it taking any doubt, negativity, or fear along with it. 
  5. Once you’ve saged your body, you can move on to your space. Wave the sage bundle throughout your house or apartment, paying special attention to doorways, windows, and dark corners. Keep repeating your mantra.
  6. When you’re done, place the sage in a bowl (or something similar) and allow it to burn out naturally.

This ritual isn’t just feel-good bullshit, either–there’s actual science behind it. When sage is burned it gives off negative ions, which actually lead to a more positive mood. The smell of sage increases the oxygen supply in your brain, too, relaxing any muscle tension. Finally, herbal smoke actually changes the molecular structure of the air. The cleanse is real!

Happy Full Moon. Now go smudge yourself.


P.S. Since the moon will be so big and bright on the 31st, it’s the perfect time to charge your crystals. Leave your crystal collection on a windowsill overnight, where the moonlight will hit them and they can soak up all that juicy full moon energy.