New on I Got My Face Shaved With a Scalpel in the Name of Smooth Skin


I have the type of coloring my mother calls “striking:” dark, Italian hair against pale, Polish skin. And it’s true; the combination is striking—on my upper lip area. And my sideburns. And my chin. Yes, I’m talking about my very visible facial hair.

Though plenty of women proudly rock their facial hair (and I bow down to you), I personally feel more comfortable with hair-free skin. The only problem? My pale, Polish skin is also extremely sensitive. Like, break-out-in-a-rash-at-any-moment sensitive, which means that bleaching, waxing, and lasering aren’t options for me and my ‘stache.

So when I heard about dermaplaning­—a treatment that uses a scalpel-like blade to gently “shave” peach fuzz and dead skin cells off your face for smoother, glowier skin—I was intrigued.

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