Not To Be Dramatic, But This Meditation Could Be The Answer To All Your Problems

The first time a friend played this YouTube meditation for me, I didn’t know how to react — I mean, the woman leading the meditation was clearly out of it. I could barely get through the first 30 seconds, let alone sit through the entire 13 minutes of seemingly random ramblings. (Really. Just start listening and tell me it doesn’t freak you out a little bit.)

The mediation guide calls herself Abraham Hicks, a sort of epithet combining her name (Esther Hicks) with the name of the “non-physical entity” that she says delivers divine information to her (Abraham). And even though I wasn’t familiar with her name at the time, I was familiar with a lot of her work: Abraham Hicks, AKA Esther Hicks, basically created The Secret and wrote the (literal) book on the Law of Attraction.

At the time, I wasn’t 100% sold on the whole one-with-the-universe thing. Listening to Hicks’ stream-of-conscious meditation on manifesting, the innate power of our thoughts and desires, and self-discovery made me uncomfortable — and also made me doubt the sanity of my friend.

I listened to the full mediation with her, smiling and nodding and faking enthusiasm while internally rolling my eyes and wondering what kind of drugs she had to be on to actually believe in this bullshit. Except...

Days passed, and I kept thinking about it. Abraham Hicks’ voice was on repeat in my mind saying, “Everything is always working out for me. Everything is always working out for me.” I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that this straight-up crazy-sounding woman knew something I didn’t; that if I could stop judging and start trusting, my world could crack open.

OK, that’s a lot of pressure to put on one 13-minute YouTube video. But I’ve been listening to this meditation almost every morning for two years — listening, trusting, and believing — and my world has cracked open: open to love, to a new home, to new jobs and opportunities, to abundance, to happiness, and so much more.

Of course, I’m not saying that meditating on a couple of mantras from Abraham Hicks is all it takes to change your life for the better — you have to put in the work, too. But is it a baby step towards manifesting your dream life? I say yes. Start listening here.

SOULJessica DeFinoComment