Better Than Horoscopes: Monthly Oracle Readings for April 2018 are Here!



These Oracle readings are for you. Each one came through with the intention to bring guidance and clarity based on the energies for the month ahead. Feel free to read the messages correlating to your Sun, Moon and/or Rising sign. If you are unfamiliar with these aspects in Astrology, a birth chart can be generated for free on the internet. You can also read the message corresponding with image that resonates most with you. I hope that these messages bring you feelings of positivity, inspiration and hope.




Flashing lights, you’re popping up on everyone’s explorer page; all eyes are on you. Whether it was Lady Luck or all of your hard work has finally paid off, everyone is looking to you in admiration. Take a moment to pause and be thankful for your accomplishments. It’s not about the fame or even about having a bunch of people wanting to emulate you. This moment is about you giving thanks to your current life circumstances. Being grateful for how far you’ve come. Yes, recognition is great but the ultimate validation comes from within. This month is the perfect time to practice holding space for gratitude in the present moment. Try to limit any excessive social media monitoring of likes and follows. Bask in this moment yet remain humble even if you walk in the room and everyone’s focus is on you. Be aware of any negative criticism from those few who can’t handle your success. Don’t get swept up into their judgments, they are just projecting their own insecurities. Attraction is a powerful energy a must be handled mindfully for oneself and the greater good of all. Sending you praise and applause, you deserve all of the positive recognition!



No more looking in the rear view mirror, dear one. You let that big thing go that’s been weighing heavy on your shoulders. This burden has been released and now you can breathe in the fresh fragrance of the blossoming Jasmine in the crisp air. This month you can finally see the Sun through the clouds, you’ve made it through the darkness. The personal work that you’ve been dedicated to the past months has made way for new energy. Just remember that even though remnants of a painful situation may still pop up from time to time, do not let this block the current abundance that is available to you now. Stay present in where you are now. In order to make space for these blessings the clearing, purging and cleansing was totally necessary. Deep healing work is not easy but the rewards are immeasurable. You got the love, the self love required to do such work. Don’t forget that part of self love is doing the light hearted activities that bring you joy. This month brings forth a new version of you, a more lighter and freer you. You’ve made it to the other side. Place focus on personal enjoyment and self care. Treat yourself to the spa or to a full body massage. After all of the healing work you’ve invested in, it is time to give back to yourself. Give yourself permission to feel good, you deserve it!



You are a like a bee pollenating as many flowers as possible before it’s time to return to the hive. This month is a busy one for you, so get ready! The best approach is to get focused on remaining balanced and centered. New projects, deadlines and plenty of social activities keep you on the go with what could seem like little time for relaxation. Make a list prioritizing what absolutely must be done. This will help distribute your energy in an organized manner. Working smarter and not harder; effectively getting the job done without leaving you feeling scattered. You will complete the tasks that are of the utmost importance to you while honoring your commitments. It may be time to reevaluate what you are giving your energy to. Are there any agreements that may not be worth your output because of an imbalance in the energy exchange? You are only one person, you can only do so much until you reach the point of feeling burned out. Don’t overextend yourself. Carve out time daily to mediate on your productiveness. Find the balance in achieving your goals and making time to rest and replenish your spirit. Put that daily planner to work and if you don’t have one treat yourself to a super stylish one that you’ve had your eye on. Be kind to yourself through the busyness. Don’t feel guilty for sleeping in on the weekends, you deserve a little extra shut eye!



You offer so much love to those who know you with your beautiful gifts and sensitive, caring nature. This can leave you open to some sort of bullying this month. This may be a new energy or it might have been brewing for some time in which you can no longer tolerate. Practice healthy boundary setting especially when someone or a group is overtly trying to make you feel bad and shame you. If this energy is coming from a friend or loved one, it is completely unacceptable no matter how much you love them. You have a support system in place to help you stand up for yourself; we’ve got your back. This may be a lesson in defending yourself from people who take advantage of your kindness and compassion. This is not OK, sweet one. It may be time to take action in your usual graceful manner and reinforce these boundaries. Let this person or group know that their behavior is unacceptable and that you simply will not stand for it. This is an act of self care and self preservation but most of all, self love. Do not for one second feel guilty for making someone else aware of their negativity and unjust actions towards you. Your feelings are valid and need to be expressed in whichever way you feel is best for the situation. There is no tolerance for gaslighting here either. I respect your courage for practicing healthy boundaries. Release any guilt or shame in having to enforce them as well. You deserve respect, justice and fairness!



You can find yourself taking a trip down memory lane this month. Revisiting your home town, reuniting with an old flame or simply looking through old photo albums. All this reminiscing can bring about deep thoughts. Take time to allow yourself to reflect on the past. Pleasant memories resurface affirming your current life path. All of these events have occurred leading up to this moment right now. You see, sometimes reflection provides us the opportunity to understand just how synchronized life really is. Look at how all of the little pieces come together like a puzzle. Acknowledge the miraculous ways that have transpired prosperity, abundance and opportunities in your life. You are courageous and ambitious about your future goals but don’t forget a little nostalgia can be a catalyst for new ideas. 



Work, work, work. You've been so focused on achieving your goals and dreams that you've barely have had time to breathe. This month the pace will slow down a bit. Allow yourself the time to chill and relax in between the grind. Don't worry, you are on path to the fruition of your visions. All of this hard work will pay off but for now, take this month to unwind a bit. Sometimes it's not about going after a goal with determination and drive but rather placing yourself in a position to receive. This receptive nature can occur in the moments when we allow ourselves to rest. There’s so much to learn on the journey it’s not just about the destination. Productivity is not a sign of self worth. Life requires us to be still and rest in complacency at times. I know this can lead you to feel impatient but know that this wisdom is beneficial. You deserve a little rest and relaxation. Treat yourself to a day trip to a not so far beautiful place. You never know, an opportunity may await you there...



Financial security and stability is yours. This month is great to review your finances. Take a look at what's working for you and what's not. You are in the perfect position to do some financial spring cleaning. In what ways can you make your money work for you rather than you working for your money? Maybe there's an investment opportunity that might arise that can help build financial security for your future. Plant the seeds now for developing a long term plan for your finances. Close any accounts that aren't working for you. Maybe there is a joint venture that needs revising. Make sure if you are sharing resources that this arrangement is fair and balanced. Re-evaluate your financial input and output and make sure it's aligned with the your values surrounding prosperity. Treat yourself to that luxury item you've been wanting for awhile, see it an investment purchase for your fabulous future self!



You've seen some major shifts of the late, some that you've wanted and maybe some that have been imposed. The form of the catalyst for these changes, may have you questioning your relationship with the outcome. You are the sign of transformation and you embrace these shifts with strength and courage. It's the perfect month to examine the recent events that have transpired. How and why these endings and beginnings have manifested is important to the grand design. The meaning behind them will give you clarity in the direction in which your life is moving. While examining the deeper meanings behind these transformations, determine whether you are happy with how it is unfolding. If not, it's time to get in the driver's seat and take control. There is potential here to change the course of your life. The more conscious you are of how your internal self and external environment have transformed, the more open you are to opportunities that are available to you now. Be aware that there are potentially very different pathways that exist here for you. Sign up for that metaphysical workshop that you've been wanting to take. What a beautiful time to create the life that you deserve! 



Think twice or thrice before you speak this month. You have a heart of gold and are a person who truly just wants to express truth. As much as they may need to hear it, sometimes people may not be in the position to receive truth. Instead, reserve your knowledge and wisdom for projects such as blog entries, public speaking or sharing with clients. Create a space to express yourself without worrying if you will offend others. This gives the right people access, those who are ready and willing to hear what they need to hear. You are gifted and have so much to offer others. Take time this month to focus on the subjects that you are most passionate about. It maybe a good time to start your own forum or platform where other likeminded thinkers can come together for a cause. You'd be a great leader in organizing this group as well. Don't feel like you need to launch these projects right away. Spend time developing and planning a launch at a later time if necessary. If you need to take a course on how to develop your webinar skills, see it as an investment to empowering yourself as the intellectual that you are. Go to your favorite local bookstore and pick up literature on public speaking or leadership. 



You are thriving right now! No judgement, but it may seem like everyone around you is coming apart at the seams a little bit. You are feeling grounded and focused on continuing to manifest your goals. There is a deep understanding that you have to work hard to achieve success. You may find yourself putting in long hours at work or a lot of energy into a project. This determination further proves that you are dedicated to your goals. Continue this month to stay on course and don't let others' drama distract you. Your loved ones tend to lean on you for support when they are facing troubles. Don't let your focus shift to resolving their problems. They must learn just as you have, that they must put in the work and take responsibility for their life; that includes issues as well. A little tough love and boundary setting might be what the doctor ordered for them. You may have to turn down social engagements because of deadlines or time constraints regarding your prior commitments. That's totally cool, you will have plenty of time to make your rounds with friends soon enough. You'll have the success that will accompany you too! Treat yourself to take out or delivery from your favorite vegan restaurant while you're burning the midnight oil.



You are beginning to understand the importance of timing. This month you may have to do quite a bit of work behind the scenes. You are usually an open book but the energy surrounding you may require you to maintain a little mystique. It's not quite time for you to emerge into the next phase of your public self. You are doing deep personal and transformational work that doesn't have to be shared with everyone you know. Confide in those close to you if you need a listening ear but avoid discussing details with strangers at the market. You do not have to announce to everyone what you've been dreaming and scheming up. Intellectual property may be at risk for theft here. Wait until the time is right to make that public service announcement. Your ideas have the potential to create mega success for you. Oversharing can result in an unnecessary situation where credit can go to someone else for your original ideas. Solitude and privacy can help keep this eagerness to share at bay. When the time is right you will be able to express with everyone how excited you are about what you have manifested in your life. 



You have been taking care of everyone because you know that they need it. Darling, but who's going to take care of you? The energy this month can leave you feeling depleted as you try to keep up with all of this caregiving. It's time for you to give back to yourself! When was the last night to spent more than two hours alone doing something that brings you peace? Your peace is not to be sacrificed for the sake of another's wellbeing. To be a healer and a caregiver one must to replenish their spirit. Commit to your own self care routine this month. Make time in between helping others to do the practices that keep you energized and healthy. Eat, sleep and meditate. It's so necessary for you to honor your body so that you may continue to serve those who need it. Don't wait for the summer vacation. Plan an activity as soon as possible that replenishes your soul. Remember to do the things that you love daily. Sign up for that Kundalini class that you used to take. Treat yourself to new linen bedding. Incorporate a daily practice that nurtures you as much as you continue to nurture others.

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