Ayurvedish: Is Snorting Ghee the Answer To Unclogging Your Sinuses Once and For All?

“Ayurvedish” is a series that dips a toe into the world of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian mind-body healing system. 


I’m not 100% sold on Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of mind-body health that’s been creeping its way back into public consciousness over the past couple of years. I’m more like Ay-curious.

It’s not that I don’t believe that Ayurveda works — the system is basically all about taking a natural, preventative approach to health and wellness based on your “dosha,” or mind-body type — it’s more that that the all-encompassing nature of an Ayurvedic regimen isn’t easy to upkeep in the modern world. Hence, my practice is more Ayurved-ish than Ayurvedic. 

Eventually, I put feelers out for an affordable Ayurvedic healer that could take a look at my recent health issues and help me create a modern, realistic Ayurveda practice and found Talia Kahan

Of the many wonderful things Talia has taught me, the most useful so far has been to snort ghee every morning. I’m serious.

When I mentioned to Talia that I can almost never breathe deeply and fully — it feels like my nose is always a little bit clogged — she suggested a Nasya formula from Sidha Soma Supreme. It’s basically a jar of ghee (clarified butter) mixed with centella asiatica (AKA, tiger grass) that comes with a dropper. She instructed me to drip a few drops into each nostril every morning and snort to clear up any clogged sinuses. 

This practice is not for the queasy. The thick, goopy texture isn’t necessarily pleasant as it slides through the nasal passages, and the taste that hits your throat once you swallow is enough to make you gag. But you know what? It really, really works.

After a few days of using the Nasya drops, I felt like I could breathe fully, deeply, and clearly for the first time in maybe ever. And you know that unexplainable “stuffy head” feeling? The Nasya got rid of that, too. 

Obviously I recommend consulting a doctor or Ayurvedic healer before deciding to snort ghee every day, but if you want to try it for yourself, this is the Nasya that I use, and this one has great Amazon reviews. Happy snorting.

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