Do You Really Need To Wash Your Face Every Day?

There’s no shortage of unnecessary, overrated skincare products (see: glitter masks), but in my opinion, the most overrated skincare practice of all time is… washing your face. Don’t get me wrong, our skin does need to be cleansed. But that squeaky-clean feeling that usually follows a sudsy cleanser? That’s a sign that your skin has been stripped of its natural oils — and as such, its natural ability to moisturize, protect, and heal itself has been compromised.

Over-cleansing goes beyond being “unnecessary” or “overrated,” though. It can be straight-up harmful. The skin has intricate processes in place to protect itself — it actually cleanses itself, too — and by stripping away your skin’s natural oils and over-exposing it to excess product, you interfere with those processes and leave your face susceptible to breakouts, dryness, and irritation.

Even if your go-to cleanser is creamy or oil-based, chances are, you’re overusing it. One face washing session before bed should hold you for 24 hours — there’s really no need to wash again in the morning. Instead, splash your face with water in the AM to get rid of any residual oil from your nighttime skincare products.

I totally understand the feeling of wanting a cleansing experience that’s a little fancier than plain old water, though. I’ve been washing my face with this DIY rose water cleanser (the how-to is below) morning and night for weeks now, and my skin has never been happier: no breakouts, no dermatitis flare-ups, nothing. Just clear, calm, soft skin that’s able to do its job.


DIY Rose Water Cleanser

You’ll need:

How to:

  • Mix ingredients together in the spray bottle

  • Shake before use

  • Spritz generously morning and night


  • Like I mentioned earlier, water is really, truly all your skin needs in terms of a morning cleanser.

  • I love the addition of rose water for so many reasons: Rose water has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties, making it ideal for treating all skin conditions from acne to eczema. It’s an extremely gentle, natural cleanser that removes dirt and oil from clogged pores, locks in moisture, reduces redness, and even eases anxiety (via aromatherapy).

  • Vegetable glycerin is a humectant, which means it functions almost as magnet for water. It draws moisture into the skin and holds it there — and since glycerin molecules are tiny, they penetrate deep into the pores to deliver hydration to the inner layers of the skin.

  • This is the perfect step before applying your face oil. Since humectants draw in moisture and oils “seal” that moisture in, they work as a team to keep your skin as hydrated and glowy as possible.


Since I don’t normally wear makeup, I find this is all my skin really needs to get clean. If you’re washing off a heavy layer of foundation and powder, start with an oil cleanser first to remove it, then spritz your face with this DIY mist.