One Unabashedly Woo-Woo Reason to Get a Jade Roller (and One Science-y One)


This piece was going to be called “There’s Absolutely Zero Scientific Proof That Jade Rollers Work But I Love Mine Anyway.” But that’s not entirely true.

I’m the jade roller’s ultimate target: Skincare obsessed, crystal obsessed, and a sucker for Facebook retargeting ads. So when I finally acquired my own trendy jade roller, there was no doubt in my mind that it would give me the smooth, plump, radiant skin of my dreams.

Jade rollers have seen a recent resurgence in popularity, but they’ve actually been used as skincare tools since the seventh century. They’re exactly what they sound like too — basically a mini paint roller for the face, but made of jade (a natural stone/crystal) instead of lamb’s wool. There are two roll-y sides, one featuring a big roller for the cheeks and forehead and one featuring a smaller roller for the under eyes, nose, lips, and chin. Rolling this across your face in an upward motion (ideally after applying serum or moisturizer) is said to help to boost circulation, decrease puffiness, help products absorb into the skin more efficiently, reduce wrinkles, drain the lymphatic system, and increase overall glowiness. Sold!

But the fact is, there aren’t a lot of facts out there about jade rollers. Most of the benefits could be linked to any kind of roller (an ice roller is a great alternative) or attributed to the cooling touch of jade stones.


Other benefits are said to come from jade’s crystal properties, like the fact that it is the “stone of eternal youth,” releases tension (no more furrowed-brow wrinkles!), and helps the body eliminate toxins. And while I 99.9% believe in this stuff, it’s really hard to find hard facts about the jade roller’s usefulness on the Internet. 

Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely loved my jade roller before I knew there were any real, documented reasons I should. Rolling every night after applying my serum has become a skincare ritual that relaxes my face and even eases my headaches, and I do notice that products absorb into my skin quicker when I roll. Combined with my Banana Bright Eye Cream, there’s been a huge difference in both the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes, too. Thus, my first draft title.

But for some reason, I wanted hard, undeniable proof that what I was experiencing was real, and not some new age placebo effect. After scrolling through pages and pages of Google search results and product descriptions that touted jade’s ancient beauty properties, I finally found something tangible: Jade is “a natural transmitter of far infrared rays.” Basically, this kind of energy can’t be detected by humans but can be detected by lab equipment. Scientists have observed jade emit low levels of heat thanks to its transmitting properties, which is how jade warms up the skin's surface and boosts blood circulation, resulting in a plump, radiant glow. And since jade is actually cool to the touch, which decreases puffiness and calms irritation, this stone is pretty much an all-around miracle worker for your skin.

So if you’re looking for an excuse to click “Add to Cart” on your own jade roller, here are two: Jade is an ancient, mystical stone that will infuse your skin with its glow-inducing healing properties. And science concurs. Buy yours here.