The Full Moon in Pisces Says It’s OK to Be a Little Superficial


While I’m definitely an astrology fan, I’m no astrologer. That’s why I consult the Many Moons workbook literally anytime there’s a moon event — without this book, I would have no idea what’s going on. 

But once I read up on the inner workings of outer space, I get it. Something clicks. I’m usually able to take the information and process it in a way that directly applies to my life, and never has that been more true than this full moon.

The full moon on August 26th is in Pisces (emotional, creative, in in the flow, and literally ruled by the moon) while the sun is in Leo (passionate, expressive, physical, and literally ruled by the sun). These opposing forces (the sun, the moon; Pisces, Leo) are coming together to show us how seemingly contradicting beliefs or practices can not only exist in harmony, but actually support each other.

Many Moons explains it like this: “Because Leo is how we express ourselves as a human being — making art, making love, giving birth, playing games, singing and dancing — and Pisces is how we express the divine through our human energy, we might need to learn to integrate these two so that one doesn’t overshadow the other.” 

The book also gives an affirmation to repeat during your full moon ceremony: “My human self and my spiritual self are in balance. Humanity and divinity walk hand in hand every moment of my life.”

I love this so much! Often, we deny integral parts of ourselves in order to fit an into a familiar archetype: you can either be emotional or strong, woo-woo or grounded, creative or logical. That’s why headlines that scream “She’s Got Beauty and Brains!” grab our attention (there are over half a billion Google search results for this phrase): Most humans find the thought that a woman could have both to be irresistibly click-worthy. (OK, excuse my mini-feminist rant.)

Sometimes I feel the sting of this kind of contradiction when I attempt to explain my goals for ILLUUM — yes, it’s about skincare and how we look on the outside, but it’s also about soul-care and finding worthiness outside of our appearance. Even writing that feels disjointed; like these two concepts can’t, don’t, won’t ever align.

But luckily, this full moon is the perfect time for integration, for letting ourselves be our full selves, for releasing any negative beliefs we may have about our “shadow” qualities. Specifically, this full moon is majorly powerful for integrating our humanity and spirituality. 

One way to do this is to create a ritual that takes something “superficial” (like, ahem, skincare) and elevates it into a sacred practice. This is kind of my speciality (or my life-long journey, depending on how you look at it), so I’ve written about this specific pursuit of balance before. Here are a few full moon rituals you can perform to integrate your humanity and your divinity. Because yes, you can be both.

4 Ways to Elevate the Superficial to the Spiritual

1. Make Your Own Moon Water
What is Moon Water? Good question, you totally normal person who has never heard of such a thing. Moon Water is water that has been charged under the light of the moon. People have been making Moon Water for centuries to use in potions and spells, to tend to herb gardens, and even to drink. When I heard about this ritual a few months ago, though, the only thing I could think is, What would Moon Water would do for my skin? Here's how to harness the magic of the moon in a batch of Moon Water. After you make some, click here to find out how to incorporate it into your skincare routine.

2. Meditate on Your Skin
The second I started seeing my skin as part of the cliché (but so, so real) trifecta of “mind-body-soul” balance, my skin changed. It’s really not as crazy as it sounds. As the biggest organ on your body, your skin is sometimes best possible litmus test for overall wellness. If you’re allergic to something you ate, you’ll see it on your skin. If you’re particularly stressed at work, you’ll see it on your skin. If your energy isn’t flowing freely, you’ll see it on your skin. Which is why I decided to meditate on it. Here's how to give it a try. If you repeat this skin- and self-love mantra with good intentions and a strong vision, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll notice bright, beautiful skin to match the bright, beautiful soul on the inside.

3. Charge Your Skincare Under the Full Moon
It’s easy to fall into a full moon ritual rut: cleanse crystals, charge them in the moonlight, collect in the morning, repeat next month. But your ritual should never feel run-of-the-mill. Each full moon is different and deserves its own moment in the sun, if you will. When I was gathering my crystals after a night of moonlit charging last month, I started thinking: Why do we only charge crystals? If the full moon really does imbue them with its energy, then theoretically, couldn’t I charge anything under the full moon for peak performance and powerful vibes? Anything, including... skincare products? Yup. Here's how. 

4. Make an Overnight Herbal Infusion with Moon Water
Herbal infusions are like tea on (totally natural) steroids. You essentially let dried herbs or flowers soak in water for eight hours, so that the water can pull out their healing properties. Then, when you drink the herbal infusion, you absorb those healing properties. The best part? They have the power to make your skin clearer, plumper, and glowier from the inside out. Here's how to make an herbal infusion; for a full moon twist, leave your infusion outside in the light of the moon overnight and sip on it in the morning.

How will you be celebrating the Pisces full moon? Let me know over on Instagram.

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