How to Charge Your Skincare Under the Full Moon


It’s easy to fall into a full moon ritual rut: cleanse crystals, charge them in the moonlight, collect in the morning, repeat next month. But your ritual should never feel run-of-the-mill. Each full moon is different and deserves its own moment in the sun, if you will. When I was gathering my crystals after a night of moonlit charging last month, I started thinking: Why do we only charge crystals? If the full moon really does imbue them with its energy, then theoretically, couldn’t I charge anything under the full moon for peak performance and powerful vibes? Anything, including... skincare products?

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that this is borderline genius. After all, my moon-water-as-cleanser experiment proved successful and made my skin glow like never before, and even plant seeds soak up significantly more nutrients and moisture during a full moon. It only seems natural that the moon would enhance the nourishing properties of my cleansers and serums, too.

Tomorrow night (May 29) I’ll be moon-charging my skincare for the first time, but I’ve come up with a few parameters. The full moon supercharges crystals and plants since they’re of the Earth — the moon’s energy mingles with their natural vibrations. In order to preserve this quality, I’m only charging all-natural skincare products (no chemicals or man-made ingredients).

So what deserves to be dusted off the bathroom shelf and charged under the full moon?

*No need to leave your Glossier, exfoliating acids, or drugstore faves outside.

Of course, a full moon ritual doesn’t start and end with leaving your shit outside and hoping for the best — there needs to be intention behind it. Here’s an easy, not-too-out-there way to get the most moon magic.

  1. Find an outdoor space that will get hit by the light of the moon overnight. A balcony or even a windowsill will do if you’re in an apartment.

  2. Arrange your skincare products and add any sacred objects you like (crystals, candles, earth elements) to your altar to enhance the healing energy.

  3. Set an intention, and take a moment or two to meditate on that intention over your full moon altar. Something like, “May this altar be filled with the light and energy of the full moon” works just fine — but you can make it as specific to your skin as you want (maybe you want to focus on clearing up your acne or keeping your skin hydrated).

  4. Leave them to soak up the moonlight overnight, then collect them in the morning. Say a little “Thank you” to the moon.

  5. Use and watch your skin get to glowing as hard as the full moon.

Magic! (Maybe.)