Is the Full Moon Full of It? The Results of My “Moon Water” Experiment


During the last full moon, I went full woo-woo and made Moon Water — basically, water that’s been charged under the light of the moon. I set an intention over a bowl of water, arranged an altar of crystals around it, and let it charge outside overnight. My mission? To see if washing my face with Moon Water would get me glowing.

I took pictures of my progress almost every day for two weeks, and the photos don’t lie: My skin is seriously luminous, right? That’s not even a humble brag–I’m just in awe of the power of our moon mama!

Now that I’ve seen the effects of Moon Water on my own skin, I highly recommend jumping over to this post to find out how to make some yourself. 

My one issue was how challenging it was to not wash my face in the sink. I didn’t want to splash water on my face from the bowl, either, and risk contaminating the batch with whatever dirt and grime I was cleansing from my skin. My solution was to put my Moon Water in a spray bottle, which allowed me to spritz my face, work in my cleanser (I love Osmia Organics Black Clay Soap), and then spritz again a few times to wash it all away. 

It’s honestly a little too much of a hassle to use Moon Water every time I wash my face, but I found the perfect way to incorporate it into my daily routine instead: I made Moon Water Tea Tree Oil Toner, which I spritz on my face after cleansing.

I’ve been mixing up my own toner with tea tree oil for awhile now, and it’s the only thing that truly cleared up my dermatitis. It’s kept my skin clear and healthy for months, and the addition of Moon Water into the regular mix makes it even more of a glow-getter. I’m obsessed!

That’s why I’ve decided to bottle some of this magic for you. I’ve whipped up a limited amount of ILLUUMinated Moon Water Tea Tree Toners , which are now available for sale. If you don’t have the time, patience, or inclination to make your own Moon Water, I’ve got you covered. Get your Moon Water fix here.

If you do decide to make your own Moon Water under the next full moon, here are some other ways to put its power to good use:

  • Drink a sip every morning as part of your morning meditation ritual

  • Substitute Moon Water for regular water in recipes (Moon Water soup, anyone?!)

  • Make your own face wash or toner

  • Clean your makeup brushes with it (because a little extra glow can’t hurt, right?)

  • Use it as a rinse post-hair mask

Happy Full Moon!

Image via Justin Ashton Photography