Your Body Deserves Luxe Skincare, Too


I’m but a mere human; I’m not impervious to Glossier’s marketing magic. Any time the “skincare first” company launches a new product, I have it in my hands (and on my face, and in my Insta Stories) within days. I can’t resist.

Such was the case with their new “shower duo”, known simply as Body Hero. The duo is made up of a Daily Oil Wash and a Daily Perfecting Cream, designed to work together to make the skin on our bodies feel as luxuriously pampered as the skin on our faces. (Seriously–why do I spend $$$ on face moisturizers but think my body is fine with $3.99 CVS off-brand lotion?) That was all the motivation I needed to treat myself to a brand-new body wash and lotion set–and obviously, Glossier did not disappoint.

Body Hero Daily Oil Wash is really different from most body washes on the market because it’s oil-based–coconut, meadowfoam, olive, soybean, sesame, grapeseed, and sunflower seed oil-based, to be exact. It smells amazing, too, thanks to orange blossom neroli. I take showers I don’t even need just to bathe myself in this scent. (Eek! I know! So wasteful! I’m trying to stop!)

Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream has become my new go-to lotion. Its genius formula uses extract from desert plants like cactus, yucca, and prickly pear to lock in moisture because duh! These plants obviously know how to stay hydrated! It’s got light reflecting particles mixed in, too, for optimum glow. I like to mix it with a little bit of my Ayurved-ish Pratima Oil, and together the two give my body the all-over luxury experience it’s been missing.

Don’t relegate your body to cheap drugstore lotion. It deserves a little Body Hero pampering.