My Energy Healer Told Me To Buy This Cult-Favorite Watermelon Face Mask

Energy healer. The all-encompassing, almost vague title gave me hope. As soon as my cousin suggested I see his energy healer, Alicia, something inside me whispered, “This! This is what will help me.”

I’d tried specific things like Ayurveda and acupuncture and antibiotics to heal whatever was wrong with me, without really knowing what was wrong with me. My skin was inflamed, my stomach was constantly cramped and bloated, and I felt tired all the time despite a fairly healthy diet and sleep schedule. I was miserable, and I latched on to any and every natural remedy I could find in the name of feeling normal again.

Including energy healing.

When I entered Alicia’s healing space for the first time, her young, high-pitched voice surprised me. But when she began to explain what I was about to experience — she was going to feel into my energy and evaluate my chakras  — I fell into a state of total trust. Alicia warned me that she might cough or sneeze or have other strange physical reactions during the process; the universe delivered divine information to her in this way, where a sneeze might symbolize an allergy or a pain in her chest would indicate a hereditary heart problem. She led me to her healing table, had me lay down, and pressed “Play” on a mediation playlist. The energy healing had begun.

After asking if I had a cat (yes) and revealing that my cat was actually an old ancestor of mine sent to guide me through life (I can see that), Alicia guided a crystal pendulum over the areas of my body that represented the seven chakras. It swung effortlessly over my root chakra and sacral chakra before coming to a dead stop at my Solar Plexus — AKA, the gut. 

That dead stop meant that energy in that area of my body wasn’t flowing freely, but was instead stuck. Yep, that made sense. Alicia was silent for a few moments before she asked about my dad. Did he have gut and stomach issues, too?

He did. Alicia felt that I was connected to my dad through my Solar Plexus, which symbolizes self-esteem and overall satisfaction with life, and that his trauma in this area had been passed down to me. It checked out: Physically, my father has very similar digestive issues. Emotionally, he has very similar trauma in his relationship with his father, like feeling pressured to be someone he isn’t and uncomfortable expressing his true self. Alicia took a moment to meditate over my stomach and “energetically cut the ties” between my dad and I. She urged me to call him after our appointment.

The pendulum swung back into action and circled above my heart chakra normally — phew. But then, a dead stop at my throat. Another blockage, this time in the area that represents communication, self-expression, and using one’s voice. 

Alicia immediately intuited that I was a musician — or at least, that I used to be. The fatigue I’d been feeling wasn’t actually fatigue at all, but a lack of joy in my life that stemmed from not “using my voice.”

I’d been out of college, where I studied songwriting and performance, for almost seven years. And while I was convinced I’d be a Superstar with a capital S before starting school, the truth was that studying music sucked all the joy out of it for me. I felt inadequate when I heard my classmates sing; I felt judged every time I handed in a song that came straight from my soul to be graded. I retreated from music because I didn’t feel good enough. Essentially, I retreated from my true nature. Retreated from joy.

I needed to allow joy back into my life, Alicia said. And the only way to do that was to express myself in the best way I knew how. She gave me as assignment to go home and just sing for fun — maybe even take up drumming to get back to my primal love of music. Noted.

After a pendulum run through the third eye chakra and crown chakra (all clear!), Alicia placed her hands just above my face to feel into what was going on with my skin. 

This, shallowly, was the moment I’d been waiting for. Was my irritated skin a sign of blocked creativity? A result of unresolved anger? Alicia took a deep breath and said… "This might sound weird, but they’re telling me that watermelon is the answer. Not eating watermelon... more like, applying it directly to your face. I don’t really understand what that means, but that’s what I’m hearing."

I totally understood. In a state of almost awe I replied, “I put a watermelon mask in my shopping cart last night... could that be it?”

Alicia nodded an enthusiastic yes. And that’s what finally convinced me to drop $45 on Glow Recipe’s cult-favorite, almost-always-sold-out Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

Let me tell you, the universe knows what it’s talking about. This bouncy, jelly-ish mixture of watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid (clarifying, brightening, hydrating) can be used in one of two ways: as a thick, goopy, 10-minute mask or as a light overnight mask — I prefer the latter. Basically, it’s a little jar of heaven that’s made my skin glow like a Snapchat filter with every use.

And yes, I truly believe that, through Alicia, the cosmos guided me towards this mask. Because sometimes healing means repairing your relationship with your dad. Sometimes it means rediscovering the joy in life. And sometimes it means slathering expensive pink goop on your face and chilling the fuck out.


Get your own magical watermelon mask here.