A Harvest Moon Ritual to Give Thanks to Your Skin

Collage art via  @jesswells

Collage art via @jesswells

Monday, September 24, 2018 is the Harvest Moon–AKA, the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. It appears full and bright and very close to the Earth; back in the day, crops were collected and gathered under the light of this particular moon (hence the name). It represents gratitude and abundance, and really, is there any better way to start out a new season?

There are plenty of rituals to choose from to honor this full moon energy — I love the readings in the Many Moons workbook and Holisticism’s “Howl at the Moon” exercise. Personally, I’m focusing on cultivating gratitude for my skin and appreciating all that it does for me; even when (especially when) it’s not “perfect.”

This might sounds a little out there at first, or even superficial — but taking the time to say thanks to your skin can be majorly powerful. I guarantee that after this exercise, you’ll see yourself through a lens of self-love instead of self-judgement — and your skin always looks better in the light of love!


  • Grab and notebook and pen

  • Write a love letter to your skin, starting every line with “Thank you for…”

  • Find the positive side to your perceived “flaws” or frustrations.

    • For example, sensitive skin becomes communicative skin: “Thank you for communicating with me every day and guiding me to make the best choices for my health and well-being.”

    • Acne scars become a sign of healing in progress: “Thank you for being so resilient.”

    • Wrinkles and fine lines become a rite of passage: “Thank you for protecting me for all of these years.”

    • Pimples become a detox method: “Thank you for eliminating the harmful toxins in my body the best way you know how.”

  • Fill up the page with reasons to love your skin

  • Re-read your list, close your eyes, and sit in meditation for a few minutes, cultivating a true sense of gratitude for your skin and all that it does for you

  • Anytime you find yourself thinking of your appearance in a critical or judgmental way, come back to your list and flip your perspective — see your skin through the lens of love

I’ve been working on shifting my perspective in this way for a few months now, and have seen a huge difference in my self-confidence. Instead of cursing my overly-sensitive skin, I’m appreciating the fact that it’s trying to tell me something: either my body doesn’t like dairy, or a new cleanser is just too harsh, or I need to take five minutes to meditate and de-stress. It helps me love my skin and listen to it in a whole new way; I almost feel like its caretaker. Oh, are you not feeling well? Let me get you some bone broth, let me massage you with jojoba oil.

On Monday night, I’ll also be whipping up a big batch of Moon Water under the Harvest Moon. I can’t wait to infuse this energy of love and thankfulness into ILLUUM’s new products.

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