Your Horoscope For The Weekend of November 9, 2018 From Aurora Luna

Aurora Luna is a visionary artist and witch who helps others live out their own hero’s journey through exploring myth, ritual, and the occult. Through her work with Astrology and tarot she aims to give people a better understanding of themselves so that they can live their absolute best lives, no matter who they are or where they come from.

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The energy surrounding us now is shifting and you can feel it! You might be wanting to really dive right in with new actions, ready to go full steam ahead into this new era for yourself (especially if you have been hustling all year and now you’re starting to reap the benefits). The first half of the week calls for you to wait though — as much as you might want to burst forth, you are being called to reflect, integrate, and really examine where you are now and what it took you to get here. Pat yourself on the back: you’ve come so far and you need to acknowledge that. Once you do, you can move forward boldly and see how supported you are, which will only strengthen your resolve and help you to take the simplest and divinely supported next steps to get you to your destination.


This week encourages you to take time out to pause and let the answers you seek come to you. Clarity and aha moments are at your disposal this week. Read old journals, listen to that favorite album you haven’t listened to in awhile, talk to some old friends — reflect on where you were four years ago and where you are now. See how much closer you are to your purpose (you might already be fully stepped into it and living out your wildest dreams). Everything had to happen the way it did for you to get here (even if “here” is just you finally being comfortable in your own skin). Use this new moon energy to set intentions that affirm this journey that you are on, and to dream even bigger. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll accomplish next.


This week has you practically drowning in inspiration and revelations, and as wonderful as that is, now doesn’t have to be the time for you to try to figure out what it means and what actions to take. Write down everything that comes to you, and make sure you are giving yourself enough space to recharge — you don’t have to do all the things at this very moment. Also be aware of your thoughts. It’s so easy to be inspired and also discouraged because you don’t know what to do with this newfound information, or you feel like you can’t make these things a reality. There is no need to worry, your job right now is to notice and take note. The how will be revealed when the time comes for it to be revealed.


This week’s new moon is in your sign! Use this time to set intentions around integrating what you’ve been through and what you’ve learned over the course of your life, and how you can use it to your benefit. You might like the whole life, death, and sex pigeonhole you get stuck in — but you know all of these things are for something more than just seeming ~mysterious~. What are you doing with your knowledge? Could you share it to help others directly or indirectly? Are you learning how to pick your battles? Are you learning that life doesn’t automatically mean suffering for your art or for others to find you interesting? Use this week to reflect on this and see what your soul tells you.


This week you are finally learning the beauty of boundaries. You can show all the love and hospitality you want, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to tread all over your home and energy. This boundary setting might be a little uncomfortable for you, as most new thing are, but don’t let up. Stand your ground on how you are to be interacted with. Venus Rx has highlighted relationships and situations that violate your boundaries. Use this new moon energy to assert your personal sovereignty and deal with them accordingly. This doesn’t mean cutting people off left and right until you are the last one standing, but it does mean vocalizing your concerns and doing what needs to be done accordingly.

This week highlights a particular relationship or situation that has been on your mind for awhile now. This doesn’t require action on your part, but you can move forward in knowing that harmony and resolution are on the way. Take time during this new moon to reflect on free will and how we all possess it. Sometimes, we don’t need to push people in the direction we want them to go, or rush them to reach the “right” conclusion — but allow them the space to come to that place on their own. Reflect on how reacting out of a place of balance and detachment has fared for you, versus reacting out of force and panic. See how each decision worked out best in the long run.

Take time this week to really load up on self care and reflection. Now is not the time to keep things pent up or to ignore your triggers. You spend a lot of your time in the watery depths of your emotions, but this week it might be easy for you to be swept up in them. If you feel like you’re a little bit out control (due to your emotions, outside circumstances, or both) now is not the time to engage in being manipulative or get caught up in power struggles. If you need to sit some time out, do it. Reach out for support if you need, but this week really invites you to see how you can manage these waters by yourself — and how you can hold yourself accountable for the actions you decide to take (or alternatively, not take). Pay attention to dreams and intuitive nudges from your higher self, ancestors, and guides that come to you during this time as well.


This week invites you to get reflective and really, truly appreciate yourself and what you’ve been through. Hold space for yourself this week in whatever way you may need it. You are not too much, or a burden or any other excuse others might use to discredit your pain, your concerns, and feelings. Don’t give up on yourself. Use this new moon energy to set the intention to see how you can use and share your experiences. Connecting with others is one of the most powerful healing things we can do and if you can help someone along the way even better. Know and affirm to yourself that you have purpose, no matter what external or internal situations you are dealing with right now. Let no one convince you otherwise.


This week reminds you that you are your own savior. Things have been revealed these last couple of weeks, things you can no longer ignore. What are you going to do about them? You know you’re the lion of the zodiac, right? You know you’re the ruler of the jungle? Take charge and remind yourself why you get to wear that crown that’s on your head (is it even on your head anymore, or have you taken it off to make others comfortable?). Use this week’s new moon to reflect on what Scorpio and Venus have taught you so far, and how you can use it to better rule over your life and make more effective decisions that will support you in this next phase of your life. Remember who is in charge: it’s you.


It is so easy to get caught up in what we see externally that we forget that all things are temporary. This week asks you to believe again. So much of our lives are influenced by our own personal choices. If we believe that we won’t succeed, then we take actions that align with that belief — and we won’t succeed. On the other hand, if we believe something along the lines of if it’s meant for us it will happen, then that’s not only a slightly more optimistic foundation for your beliefs, but you’ll be more inclined to take more risks and actions — therefore increasing your chances for success. Take time this week to see how fear, doubt, and maybe even apathy have been holding you back and use this new moon energy to set the intention to figure out how you will overcome and change this.


If you have been feeling lost, unmotivated, or just extremely tired recently, this week invites you to take a break from any external or outside noise (to the best of your ability) and reconnect with yourself. A lot of times when we feel like we are drowning in confusion or lacking the drive and clarity we once had, it is because we are letting outside things sway us away from our truth. Remember why you started; connect with your inner child. Go back to the beginning — back to when whatever is challenging you was the most important thing in your life. What’s changed? Use this week’s new moon energy to not only go back to the start, but see how you can bring that energy back to yourself in the present and use it to help you move forward.


This week invites you to take a rest from your logical, problem solving, do-it-yourself mind. You’ve been working so hard this year and that has been great! You’ve seen so much growth, but this Scorpio season and all of its transits have been making you face problems that don’t necessarily have physical, concrete solutions. It’s made you face childhood fears and all the things that lurk in the dark. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed or scared or like you need a break. These are not things you can put a Bandaid over and walk away from; they take time. Allow yourself the space and time to process these things. A emotionally, spiritually, mentally healthy you will be a lot more productive and effective than someone who is just festering with nerves and unresolved issues because they haven’t allowed themselves the time they needed. Now is the time to be your own parent (especially if you are dealing with parental issues). Use this week’s new moon energy to nurture and hold some much needed space for yourself.

Collage art by Paulette Terry, AKA @bad.mamma.jama.