No, You Cannot Make Your Pores 'Smaller,' 'Invisible,' Or 'Non-Existent'

by Jessica L. Yarbrough

This article was originally published on The Zoe Report.


Google “make pores smaller” and you’ll get nearly 25 million hits... and they’re (almost) all BS. You cannot make your pores smaller, according to dermatologists, and really, you wouldn’t want to. Pores serve an important purpose, and shrinking them would only result in congestion, toxic buildup, and overheating.

Before diving into why pores are actually the unsung heroes of skincare, let’s get one thing straight: Their size, much like the size of your nose or the color of your hair, is a matter of genetics. “Pore size is genetically determined and there are no treatments — even the best creams, lasers, and peels — that can change the physical diameter of a pore,” Dr. Caroline Robinson, a board-certified dermatologist, tells The Zoe Report. “The important thing to realize is that having visible pores is normal and serves a purpose.” So you might want to stop lamenting the size of your pores and start celebrating them, ‘kay?

Jessica DeFinoComment