Give Up Coffee, Clear Your Skin, and Feel Better In Your Body


What if I told you that there’s an actually-healthy-for-you coffee alternative that tastes JUST LIKE COFFEE and is EASY TO MAKE and will help you clear up your skin, boost your energy levels, and feel good in your body once and for all? Would you give up the good stuff? Because that’s exactly what I’m telling you.

Two months ago, I posted this on Instagram: 

“Coffee-free for three days and I feel... like shit! I haven't been feeling good in my body lately–headaches, stomach aches, generally foggy and blah — and thought my coffee addiction might be the culprit. So far, I'm feeling even *worse* without my morning coffee and afternoon fix... which probably means my addiction is real and I need to take a step back.”

I knew I didn’t feel good, and my intuition told me that my two-Venti-a-day habit might be part of the problem. There’s research to suggest that coffee isn’t good for the skin, either. It’s highly acidic, which can mess with stress hormones and oil production, and it's also a diuretic, meaning it can leave skin dehydrated. And if there’s anything that could get me to give up my favorite vice, it’s my vanity.

I’ve been off of coffee for two months now, and I’ve literally never felt better or more energetic in my life. My addiction was real, and it feels so goddamn good to know that it doesn’t have a hold on me anymore. But I did miss the ritual aspect of my morning coffee, so I replaced it with this godsend of a coffee substitute, Dandy Blend. 

Made with roasted barley, rye, chicory root, and dandelion root, Dandy Blend literally tastes like coffee without the bitterness and acidity, and it’s actually good for you — and your skin. It’s full of Vitamins A and K (both important for skin health), cleanses the liver (the source of so many skin issues), and is high in antioxidants. On top of that, it’s fucking delicious. And instant.

Here’s my go-to morning Dandy tonic:


That’s it! You can also make this with cold water or add ice cubes for a cold brew-esque experience. I promise, after a few days of Dandy you won’t miss coffee (or the heartburn, stomach aches, caffeine crashes, and inflamed skin that come with it) one bit.