My Neck, My Back, My Ass Cheeks and My Rack: An Ode To Adult Body Acne


As if it isn’t cruel enough that adult acne is a thing (weren’t we supposed to be done with this shit by 18?!), I’ve recently discovered the joys of adult body acne.

Treating body acne isn’t as simple as using your usual face products all over your bod — facial skin is sensitive and delicate, and products made for the face are usually no match for the rest of your skin. Here’s what’s been working for me:

Products. Normally, I like to pamper myself with scented body wash and thick body lotions, but when you’re dealing with body acne, less is more. I’ve developed an obsession with Osmia Organics’ Black Clay Soap (safe for face + body), which is made with black Australian clay and dead sea mud as well as organic almond, avocado, and castor bean oils to balance, tone, and condition the skin. Ditch your regular bar soap in favor of this and watch the bacne disappear.

Then, after a shower or bath, I’ve been spraying my homemade tea tree oil toner all over my body. Here’s how to do it: get a spray bottle, fill it with water, and drop in two to three drops of pure tea tree oil. Shake and spray. Tea tree oil is game-changing for acne because it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils as it unblocks your sebaceous glands, disinfects pores, and dries out pimples. You can spray this on your face, too — but just remember, tea tree oil needs to be diluted. Can’t stress that enough.

Instead of body lotion, stick to a regimen of either coconut oil or a natural shea butter mixture. I’ve been living for this organic body butter from Ayoni Safiya made with shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, and essential oils of lemon, grapefruit, and frankincense. Either of these products will provide all the hydration your skin needs until your chacne (that’s chest-acne, duh) clears up.

Diet. The breakouts across my chest, back, and neck are without a doubt caused, in some part, by my diet. While I’ve mostly stuck to a healthy meal plan over the past six months in the name of healing my skin, the holidays were a free-for-all. And I’m not just talking about holiday parties, either — for some inexplicable reason, my partner and I have ordered midnight McDonald’s from UberEats more than once in the past month and late-night pizza has become a weekly ritual. My body is reacting in a total normal way: breaking out everywhere

After a week back on my usual meal plan, though — including lots of skin-healthy fruits and veggies like kale, papaya, cucumbers, and blueberries — I can see my body acne on the mend.

Masking in...weird places. Wondering what kind of weird places I’m talking about? See: the title of this article. Dry clay masks are incredibly powerful, even when it comes to the body. And since there’s less chance of irritation on your body as opposed to your face, you can mix a dry clay mask with apple cider vinegar instead of water for a super-effective masking session. 

I like Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay because 1) you get a lot of product for a little bit of money (less than $10) and 2) it really works! Like I mentioned here, clay is a super-absorber. When clay is mixed with water, it develops an electrical charge that literally draws in excess oils, toxins, and impurities from the skin like a magnet. 

Aztec Secret recommends that you mix the dry clay with apple cider vinegar and only handle it with non-metal utensils (i.e., don’t use a metal spoon or bowl to mix up the mask). Activated bentonite clay is so powerful that it will absorb the metals it touches, rendering the mask less effective. Apply, let dry, rinse, and say goodbye — to your body acne, that is.


Have you found any miracle cures for body acne that I didn’t mention? Do tell — my cleavage is begging you.