New on Is This the (Ancient) New Jade Roller?


The skin-care industry is always in search of what's new, what's next and what's better in an effort to turn back the metaphorical clock: cutting-edge technology to reduce fine lines, newly-engineered ingredients to restore your youthful glow and surgical innovations to shave 10 years off your appearance. But lately, beauty enthusiasts are turning back the clock in a whole new way, by rediscovering and revitalizing centuries-old skin-care practices (jade rolling and gua sha, anyone?). Ancient beauty rituals are gaining renewed interest thanks to social media β€” and the fact that they work.

The latest (oldest) skin-care tool to resurface? The Kansa wand, a facial massage device made of wood and Kansa metal, designed to balance your doshas, chakras and skin's pH level. It's Ayurveda's answer to jade rollers and gua sha crystals.

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