WTF is Human Design Lesson 2: Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

So many shapes and numbers!

So many shapes and numbers!

Hello Beautiful Humans!

Is it just me, or does it seem like EVERYONE in the wellness space is suddenly talking about Human Design? Do you feel like you can’t grab a cold-pressed juice without overhearing someone talking about being a Reflector, worrying about how they’re going to tune into their Sacral response or lamenting about how they are supposed to wait for an invitation? Are you dying to know that the eff all the fuss is about?

Girl, I got you.

My name is Jaclyn Michelle (crystal hoarder, research nerd, kundalini newb). I write the blog Interior Creature, and I’m a MASSIVE Human Design nerd. Over the next few weeks, Jessica and I have teamed up to give you a crash course in all things Human Design. Last week, I gave you the 411 on Human Design 101 and answered the burning question “WTF is Human Design?” If you’re new to Human Design, be sure to check that post out first, then hop on back here for our deep dive into our centers and authorities.

Centers and Authorities: A Brief Explainer

There are nine energy centers within the body and within our charts, which roughly correlate to the seven chakras:

  • Head/Crown Center = Sahasrara Chakra
  • Mind/Ajna Center = Ajna Chakra/Third Eye
  • Throat Center = Vishudha Chakra
  • Heart/Will Center = Anahata Chakra
  • Emotional/Solar Plexus Center = Manipura Chakra
  • Sacral Center = Svadhisthana Chakra
  • Root Center = Muladhara Chakra

Plus two which were developed (according to Ra Uru Hu) post-1781:

  • Spleen Center
  • Self/Identity/G Center

In our design, they’re either colored in or blank. Colored in centers are closed (or defined) and blank centers are open (undefined). 

  • If the center is closed/defined, it indicates that this function/aspect of your energy is more fixed or consistent. 
  • If the center is open/undefined, this is a center where you take in, absorb, magnify or reflect the energy of others. These open/undefined centers are where we’re the most open to the conditioning and influence of others, whether we’re conscious of taking on that energy or not. Basically, open centers can be incredible teachers: here’s where we learn the difference between acting like a sponge and internalizing other people’s bullshit/drama 🙅‍♀️ and acting like a conscious observer who lets other people’s bullshit/drama wash over and around us 🤷‍♀️.

Some of our centers can also pull double duty and act as an authority, which is the bodily feeling or sensation we need to listen and allow to guide us when making decisions. Contrary to what we’ve all been told since we were itty bitty, as humans, we’re not designed to make decisions with our heads. We’re meant to let our bodies talk to us. And if we tune in and LISTEN, our authority will guide us toward what is meant for us (and keep us the eff away from what is not). 

Your specific authority will be listed under the “Chart Properties” information on the right side of the screen on your chart on 

Grab your chart. We’re starting at the top and taking on the centers & authorities one by one…

Body Talk

Head/Crown Center

Our Head/Crown Center is the seat of inspiration and one of two pressure centers in our charts. This is where the questions that we feel PRESSURE to answer live, and it’s through the energy in this center that we either experience life as AWAKE and INSPIRED or as auto-pilot zombies.

If you have this center open…
You RELY on your environment and the people around you for inspiration. In fact, when you are around someone who is super passionate about an idea or a question, you can’t help but be swept up in that excitement and want to dive down that rabbit hole yourself. The lesson we learn though an open Head/Crown Center is DISCERNMENT: remember to check in with yourself when you find yourself getting carried away by inspiration and ask: Am I still going to be as excited about this tomorrow? Next week? Next year? This can help you set healthy boundaries around your level of investment (i.e. buying a book on Amazon about whales v. quitting your job and going back to school to become a Marine Biologist).

If you have this center closed…
You have a consistent access to inspiration. You are your own muse, so to speak, and you don’t need to rely on external stimulus to generate questions that you feel drawn to answer or problems that you feel compelled to solve. The lesson we learn through a closed Head/Crown Center is PATIENCE: not every question needs to be answered THIS VERY MINUTE. Allow yourself the grace and space to mull and ponder.

Oprah has both her Head/Crown Center and her Mind/Ajna Centers defined (closed).

Oprah has both her Head/Crown Center and her Mind/Ajna Centers defined (closed).

Mind/Ajna Center

Our Mind/Ajna Center is where we take in and process information. It’s the center we lean on when learning new concepts or solving problems. The PRESSURE to answer the question or solve the problem comes down to the Mind/Ajna Center from the Head/Crown Center. The Mind/Ajna Center is the ultimate connection-seeking device: as one of our three awareness centers, it's taking in all of these thoughts and ideas and beliefs and connecting them to our past and present so we can project and extrapolate this information into the future.

If you have this center open…
Those with the Mind/Ajna Center open tend to be judicious and open-minded, and have the GIFT of being able to approach a problem or situation from a diversity of perspectives…which can leave them indecisive. The lesson we learn through an open Mind/Ajna center is EMPATHY: having this ability to see the nuance and layers to a scenario teaches the ability to really gain wisdom around the experiences, thoughts and ideas of others.

If you have this center closed…
You have a more consistent, fixed way of taking in information and learning new concepts, which enables you to reach a level of certainty about your thoughts and the conclusions you draw which those with this center open don’t have access to.  The lesson we learn through a closed Mind/Ajna Center is DISTANCE: it’s not healthy or possible to engage with and thoroughly examine each and every thought we have, so it’s through this center we learn to observe and witness our thoughts without necessarily engaging.

Throat Center

The Throat Center is the center for manifestation, where we breathe life into our ideas and speak them into existence. It’s the final stop on the pressure train for ideas that came in through our Head/Crown Center only to be processed and analyzed in our Mind/Ajna Center. All those ideas and thoughts ultimately seek expression through the Throat.

If you have this center open…
Those with this center open are the over-talkers, blurters, interruptors and mis-speakers of the world. Because this center is open, you feel a pressure to always be talking but can’t always readily find the words you need to make yourself heard and understood the way you wish to be. The lesson we learn through an open Throat Center is THE POWER OF SILENCE: sometimes it’s better to listen and wait for something worthwhile to respond to than to just constantly be talking and sharing.

If you have this center closed…
You have a way with words and are usually able to mean what you say and say what you mean with ease. You speak with a gravitas that makes people perk up and take what you’re saying seriously. The lesson we learn through a closed Throat Center is RESONANCE: your words carry weight, so leverage that in when and with whom you choose to speak.

Susan Sarandon has a defined (closed) Throat Center & a defined (closed) Heart/Will Center.

Susan Sarandon has a defined (closed) Throat Center & a defined (closed) Heart/Will Center.

Heart/Will Center

Have you ever heard someone say their “heart wasn’t in it?” The Heart/Will Center is a motor center that releases the energy we need to turn our thoughts into things as it fuels our heart’s desire.

If you have this center open…
Like most people on the planet, you don’t have consistent internal access to willpower. The lessons we learn through the open Heart/Will Center are COMMITMENT & COMMUNITY: making promises gives you something to respond to and helps ensure you’ll follow through, while leveraging the energy of those who have this center closed can provide you with the energetic contact high you need to get shit done. We just have to remember that a) our productivity doesn’t determine our value and b) we aren’t designed to commit our energy to things that are outside our integrity.

If you have this center closed…
You are THE BEST person to do Whole30 with or/commit to go on sunrise runs with because you are one of the rare people on the planet that has a consistent access to willpower. You're able to take on almost any task you put your mind to because you have a near-constant source of energy and drive and you DOMINATE at building new habits. The lesson we learn through a closed Heart/Will Center is ESTABLISHING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES: others see you as efficient, dependable and reliable and your auric energy brings out those same traits in others…but just because you can do everything quickly, doesn’t mean you have to. Pace yourself and make sure you’re consistently taking time out to rest and recharge.

If you have Heart (Ego) Authority in your chart…
This a super rare authority for Projectors to have. Projectors (one of the Human Design types, which we’ll talk about next week) have a bunch of their centers open in their charts, so there are a TON of places where they are vulnerable  to taking on the energy of others. If they’re blessed to have the Heart/Will Center closed and designated as their authority, it’s VITAL that they really check in by asking themselves, “Is this something that I really have the willpower to do? What’s in it for me?” before committing their energy to something. If they commit to something within their integrity, they have access to the willpower energy to CRUSH IT, but if they commit to something outside their integrity, it will wear them out.

Self/Identity/G Center

The Self/Identity/G Center is the seat of the soul, and behaves as our internal compass. It’s through this center that we discover WHO we are, WHERE we are and TO WHAT we are guided. 

If you have this center open…
You aren’t meant to be one fixed thing over the course of your life. Instead, you’re meant to wear many hats and experience many paths. The answer to the question “Who am I?” Is meant to change over the course of your life as you learn how to put yourself in the right places at the right times with the right people. The lesson we learn through an open Self/Identity/G Center is QUALITY NOT QUANTITY: you are meant to be a curator of relationships, not a collector or a hoarder. You are susceptible to the energies and influence of those around you, so choose people who have a vibe you want to emulate and limit your time with people whose values don’t align with yours.

If you have this center closed…
What you see is what you get. Those who have this center closed (like J Law) are just unapologetically themselves at all times. They have a deep authentic sense of self and purpose and just radiate confidence.  The lesson we learn through a closed Self/Identity/G Center is BE THE 🌟THE NORTH STAR 🌟AND NOT THE SHERPA & THE MULE: it is not your job to give anyone else direction or to carry their burden. Shine your authentic light bright so that others can catch some of that warmth and light as they search out their direction, but don't join their journey or carry their baggage, etc. That will only drag you down and deplete your energy. 

If you have Self Authority in your chart…
The key to checking in with this authority is to listen to the words you say. You know who you are and where you’re going, and are very connected with your inner guiding truth. Ask yourself, “Is this aligned with me? Is this outside my integrity? Is this leading me in the right direction?” to gain perspective and let your strong sense of self be your decision-making guide.

Jennifer Lawrence has a defined (closed) Self/Identity/G Center & a defined (closed) Emotional/Solar Plexus Center.

Jennifer Lawrence has a defined (closed) Self/Identity/G Center & a defined (closed) Emotional/Solar Plexus Center.

Emotional/Solar Plexus Center

The Emotional/Solar Plexus Center pulls double duty as one of our three awareness centers and one of our four motor centers, and is THE MOST INTENSE center of our nine. There's this constant tug-of-war happening here between awareness and action as we ride the waves of our emotions. Emotional energy fluctuates and ebbs/flows like waves in the ocean through this center.

If you have this center open…
The lesson we learn through an open Emotional/Solar Plexus center is BE THE SIEVE AND NOT THE SPONGE. Having this center open leaves you SUPER vulnerable to the emotional energies of others, which can go one of two ways:

  • We become a sponge and just take in all the chaos/fear/anger/joy/sadness those around us experience as our own and MAGNIFY it. 
  • We become a sieve, and allow intense emotions to flow around us and through us. We sit firmly in the seat of our consciousness as the witness and just experience, observe and release. 

Through this center, we're meant to sample emotions, experience them, learn from the experience, and then release them back into the wild. Like scientists do when they tag sharks or sea turtles. But instead of "catch and release," think of it more as "observe and release."
If you have this center closed…
The lesson we learn through an closed Emotional/Solar Plexus center is KNOW YOUR EMOTIONAL WAVE. You need to get intimate with your emotional cycle to understand your personal peaks and valleys and plateaus so that you're always in a place of emotional clarity when making decisions. So how do you do that?

  • The first rule of having a defined Emotional/Solar Plexus Center: NEVER MAKE DECISIONS WHEN YOU'RE IN YOUR FEELINGS.
  • The second rule of having a defined Emotional/Solar Plexus Center: NEVER MAKE DECISIONS WHEN YOU'RE IN YOUR FEELINGS.

Don’t suppress your feelings. It’s vital you FEEL ALL THE FEELS first, wait for calm and clarity, and then act.

If you have Emotional/Solar Plexus Authority in your chart…
When you are making a decision, you need to ride out the entirety of your emotional wave and then, once the waters calm and you have emotional clarity, make the decision. NEVER make a decision when you’re in a peak or a valley of this wave. Ride the whole damn thing out, get calm, and then decide.

Sacral Center

Our vital life force energy lives in our Sacral Center. This center communicates with us by letting us know what turns us on and lights us up, and what is not meant for us. It also provides us the energy we need to get to WORK.

If you have this center open…
Since you don’t have consistent access to this WORK energy, you’re designed to work in short bursts and then REST. Also, you might want to sleep alone when possible, especially if you ave a partner who has this center defined: since you absorb energy that makes you want to get all productive, that’s not exactly a vibe your body needs to be taking in when it’s time to rest and recharge. The lesson we learn through an open Sacral Center is HONORING OUR WORKING STYLE. Learn how much you can realistically take on before you start feeling depleted, and try to chunk tasks into smaller, more manageable bits or delegate when possible. You also thrive in jobs that allow you to work and rest in short bursts as opposed to a traditional 9-5 desk job. 

If you have this center closed…
You are designed to have consistent access to all the energy you need to GET SHIT DONE and WERK, provided that you’re directing that energy toward something that turns you on or lights you up. The lesson we learn through this center is TRUSTING OUR GUT: the Sacral response is true body talk. It’s immediate and clear and defies logic. Through this center, we learn to trust the guidance of our sixth sense, that body knows best. 

If you have Sacral Authority in your chart...
Prioritize getting back in touch with the language your Sacral Center uses to communicate with you. Think about babies: when they get something they want, they LIGHT UP and expand and coo and giggle. When they are unhappy, they contract and cry and wail. THAT’S the original language of our Sacral Center. Sometimes it manifests as a guttural verbal ah-HUH or UHN-un, and sometimes it feels more like an expansion or pull toward something or a contraction away. Learn more about tuning into your Sacral Response here. If you have Sacral Authority in your chart, that instantaneous gut check feeling is the YES or NO you need to rely on when making decisions. 

Britney Spears has both a defined (closed) Spleen Center and a defined (closed) Sacral Center.

Britney Spears has both a defined (closed) Spleen Center and a defined (closed) Sacral Center.

Spleen Center

The Spleen Center is where our nerves and fears hang out. It’s the oldest awareness center within our Human Design and connects us to our most primal, survival-driven, existential awareness. This center communicates using the language of fear, and the messages we get from our Spleen Center are instant and instinctual. 

If you have this center open…
You are super susceptible to absorbing and magnifying the fears of others. The lesson we learn through an open Spleen Center is DETACHMENT: 9 times out of 10, the fear you’re feeling is not your own, and just being conscious of that is incredibly freeing. Instead of taking it in, observe it, learn what you can from it, and release it since it has no foundation inside of you.

If you have this center closed…
You center provides you with immediate intuitive insight using the language of fear, so the lesson we learn through the closed Spleen Center is to BE WISE ABOUT FEAR. When we’re presented with a task or a choice, and we check in with our nervous energy, is it a fearful contraction or a nervous excited expansion? Once we learn how to read our pings, we need to say HELL NO to the things that are bad for us and walk away, and alternately ride out the fear feeling if the ping is one of nervous excitement.

If you have Splenic Authority in your chart…
Get to know what NO fear and YES fear feel like, the nuanced difference between being afraid of or made uneasy by something because it’s bad for us or dangerous and being excited and scared about the prospect of something because we’re uncertain about the outcome. A major key for this center is to avoid using our Mind/Ajna to try to deconstruct or analyze these splenic sensations as they're happening. Don’t try to rationalize the decision in the moment. Save the reflection for after you act.

Frida Kahlo had a defined (closed) Root Center in her chart.

Frida Kahlo had a defined (closed) Root Center in her chart.

Root Center

The Root Center acts as both the gasoline and the engine and works in conjunction with our Head/Crown Center and Throat Center: ideas and inspiration come in through the Head/Crown Center where they are pushed down through our other centers until they trigger the Root Center. At the Root Center, the key is turned and the engine revs up, pushing pressure and energy up to our Throat Center so we can act on and engage with this idea on the physical plane. All that energy heading to the Throat from the Root is processed through and tempered by the Spleen, Sacral and Emotional/Solar Plexus Centers on its way up, which absolutely impacts what comes out when it reaches the Throat.

If you have this center open…
You don’t have a consistent access to adrenaline and are susceptible to taking in the stress of others and AMPLIFYING it. The lesson we learn through an open Root Center is to become WISE ABOUT STRESS. Practice identifying which pressure is external and which is your own and don't commit to things outside your integrity. The goal of working within this center is to develop the skills necessary navigate your own response to external stressors in a way that you're harnessing energy and not working against this pressure.

If you have this center closed…
You have a fixed access to adrenaline and a consistent way of processing stress. The lesson we learn through a closed Root Center is HOW TO HARNESS ADRENALINE. You are the spark that lights the fire in others, and when you're in the flow working with the energy of this center, you can also find calm in the chaos and effectively handles crazy amounts of pressure. 

External Authorities

If you have Environment Authority in your chart…
If you’re a Mental Projector, you may have Environmental Authority in your chart. You tend to have a deep reliance on your Mind Center, and need to be able to bounce ideas off of others to gain clarity. This allows you to really hear yourself out, so to speak. We NEVER make decisions from our Mind Center...talking things out just allows you to better connect how you feel about the decision. But not everyone makes a great sounding board for talking out your decision. Keep in mind: because SO MANY of your energy centers are undefined, you are super vulnerable to conditioning influence of others, so you need to be a ruthless curator of the energies you allow around you.

If you have Moon (Lunar) Authority in your chart…
Reflectors have no inner authority and, like Mental Projectors, need to talk their decision out before committing to a course of action…and this process takes 28 days or one full lunar cycle to complete. They really need to feel how the various courses of actions resonate in each and every one of their gates (those little numbers on the edges of the center that are either switched on or not in our charts also correlate to a specific astrological influence), and it takes about 28 days for the moon to move through and touch all of those aspects of their energy before they have true clarity around their decision. As with Mental Projectors, SO MANY of your energy centers are undefined, and you are super vulnerable to conditioning influence of others, so you need to be a ruthless curator of the energies you allow around you.

What next?

Next week, we’ll dive into the five types and their strategies, all with the overarching goal of helping you LIVE👏🏻 YOUR👏🏻 BEST👏🏻 LIFE👏🏻.

If you just can’t wait that long, feel free to drop by Interior Creature for all the Human Design nerdiness you can handle. AND AND AND I’m offering ILLUUM readers $11 off a 1:1 Human Design session with yours truly now through June 15th. Just use the code ILLUUM at checkout when you book a reading. LYLAS 😘💕