Looking for Permission to Let Go? Your July Oracle Reading is Here to Help

Image courtesy of  @urfriendcrow  /  @adamandaa

Image courtesy of @urfriendcrow / @adamandaa


These Oracle readings are for you. Each one came through with the intention to bring guidance and clarity based on the energies for the month ahead. Feel free to read the messages correlating to your Sun, Moon, and/or Rising sign. If you are unfamiliar with these aspects in Astrology, a birth chart can be generated for free on the internet. You can also read the message corresponding with image that resonates most with you. I hope that these messages bring you feelings of positivity, inspiration, and hope.




There is a quite a bit to get fired up about this month, Aries! With that being said, it’s really important to stay cool, calm, and collected through these passionate times. You have strong opinions about certain matters at hand. It’s important to take a stand–however, be mindful of how you are expressing yourself to others. Some situations require you to be assertive and vocal whereas some require you to be more passive and non-verbal. Practice discernment and choose your battles wisely. Even in the heat of the moment, take a breath and assess the moment. Ask your guides what you're being required to do (or not do). When making decisions, try to avoid being impulsive by practicing breathing techniques. Think before you speak and act; it could save you from undesirable consequences in the future. Try eating cooling foods such as cucumber and mint. Read up on Ayurvedic tips on cooling the body system which is especially helpful when internal temperatures are running high. When all else fails simply count to ten…



You get by with a little help from your friends, dear Taurus. Emotions are high and you may be feeling ultra-sensitive this month. Call up your closest friends to lend an ear and a safe space to share your deep feelings. Be aware of any self destructive coping mechanisms that may be triggered when you are feeling vulnerable. Get plenty of sleep and rest throughout the entire month. Ensure that you are cleansing your aura of any negative energies by taking salt baths or soaking your feet. Reevaluate your commitments for the month, so that you are not overextending yourself. Be patient with yourself and your sensitive nature. Honor the emotions that come up, even when they come out of left field. Reach out to the people that you trust when you need company; they are only a phone call away. Partake in lighthearted activities to keep the vibes positive and joyful. Avoid any situations or places that make you feel unsafe or unheard. Rely on your soul group to remind you that you are loved and supported, even in your most vulnerable emotional state. 



You have total permission this month, Gemini, to create a new identity for yourself–how exciting! Spend some extra funds on a new wardrobe. By a few sustainable pieces in interesting shapes or colors that you wouldn’t typically wear. Grab those archetectual kitten heels you’ve had your eye on. If you don’t have the funds to support a mini shopping trip, organize a clothing swap with your most eclectic friends. Another option is to rework the pieces that you already have. You can style a piece you’ve had for ages in a brand new way by mixing up your accessories. If you’re feeing daring, change your hair color to something pastel or even neon! Maybe it’s time to wear that bright lip color you’ve been too shy to wear out of the house. But it’s not all about the surface this month, Gemini. This new attitude and swagger that you have going will give you a boost of confidence, too. Be open to catching the attention of a secret admire (oooh la la) in a local place that you frequent. Take all the compliments that you will be receiving with grace. Own the limelight that you stand in this month Gemini–you’re a shining star. 



Stay out of the drama, mamma! You may be tempted this month to get involved in some “he said-she said-they said." Don’t do it. It’s totally not worth it. There may be some friends or coworkers who really want you to take sides on some ongoing drama that has recently escalated. Assess your relationships with the parties involved and examine their behavior. These theatrics could have you reevaluating relationships with petty people and whether you want to continue to cultivate certain connections. Ain’t nobody got time for pettiness. Speaking of time, you may have quite a bit of obligations this month that cause you to have very little down time. With that being said, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Be consistent with your routine self-care practices. It’s Cancer season after all; don’t hesitate to upgrade your spa package. If a trip to the spa isn’t on your schedule create at home spa ritual. Buy fresh eucalyptus leaves and hang them in your steam shower. Apply a Manuka honey face mask while you drink your morning smoothie. It’s okay to honor your self-protective powers. This month may require you to exercise these boundaries to support self-care. 



You can observe internal shifts by the major life changes that are occurring in your life right now, Leo. July brings the outer manifestations that are reflective of the inner work that you have been doing steadily. Give yourself some credit for all of the personal work that you’ve been dedicated to! The recent positive change, abundance, and opportunities are a direct result of the self transformative journey you’ve been focused on. Before these new chapters begin, take a moment to reflect on the choices and behaviors that led up to this point. Have you acquired new tools or learned skills that have contributed to these manifestations? What has served you and what has not? You can decide what you would like to bring with you on the next phase of your journey. Not everything or everyone will make the cut. Create a list of what you would like to release. Work with New moon energies and let go of what no longer aligns with you. Start fresh in whichever area of your life is being called. You’ll feel lighter as you move onto the next stage. The energy this month encourages self assessment and personal magic for your bright future ahead. 



While every else is frolicking in the Sun this month, you have your eye on the prize. You have laser beam focus on your goals, dear Virgo. We could all take your lead when it comes to planning for success. Quick fixes and instant gratification have no appeal to you–but don’t forget that all of the hard work and hours that you have been putting in can be fun! Incorporate activities that you enjoy into the work that you have been doing. Go to your favorite cafe that plays the best tunes to get tasks done. Choose an environment that encourages creativity and inspires you when getting the job done. Running errands can be fun and playful with the right attitude and pair of yoga pants. You never know who you might meet at your Bikram class. Balance work and socializing as best as you can without comprising your work ethic. Make daily, weekly, and monthly lists for a visual representation of how you can prioritize and manage your time. 



You might be surprised at who comes through for you this month. There may have been friends who recently let you down by not honoring their commitments or exhibited not-so-respectable behavior. Don't worry, dear Libra, these let-downs will be followed with love and support from unexpected sources. An acquaintance will show you just how much they care by really being there for you when you need it most. Plan a scenic drive to a not-so-distant place with them to get to know each other better on a more intimate level. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. July will have you reevaluating the relationships in your life and deciding which ones are feeling superficial. Not everyone deserves your companionship and loyalty, especially when they have been less than reliable. Weigh how much you have been giving in your friendships and whether or not there is a balance of give and take. Summer is typically a very social time, perfect for determining which relationships are worth nurturing and investing in. You can decide who you would like to give your time and energy to and which relationships will make the cut. 



This month can bring you new challenges when it comes to investing in yourself, dear Scorpio. You have big goals and dreams for your future that may necessitate learning or developing new skills. July is a great time to plan for new beginnings to manifest in the Fall season or in 2019. Are there any higher educational classes that you have been wanting to take? A trade school course to get your small business going? Workshops that offer certification programs? You may have to rearrange your daily schedule to accommodate. Know that whatever sacrifices you are making are bringing you closer and closer to accomplishing your goals. You may also have to do some financial reworking when it comes to your savings. There could be potential investors or financial aid available to you as well. Do your research in determining the resources that are available to you now. The steps that you take toward your vision of success this month may bring you closer than you think to manifestation. 



Home is where your heart is this month, lovely archer. You may have had the travel bug lately but in July you will spend more time at home. This month is the perfect energy for you to redecorate your home. Move around furniture, get new artwork, and paint an accent wall. Charge your crystals under the moonlight and keep them near your bed while you sleep. Go to your local flower mart to pick up more indoor house plants. If your space permits, plant a summer vegetable or herb garden. Host a summer BBQ at your place and have a staycation. Roast some vegetarian options along with a herbal Sun tea, followed by a vegan Key lime pie. Invite your friends over your place to show off your recent home improvements. Don't forget to continue to cleanse your space with sage to keep the air clear and free of stagnation. July brings the celebration to your doorstep, so prepare your home accordingly! 



Roam where you want to, dear Capricorn! Take advantage of your vacation time at work. July brings many opportunities to go to the places that have been on your travel list of for awhile now. Budget by bringing snacks and plan your meals. Stay with friends if possible, or with locals who offer discounted lodge rates. Check out annual cultural events that are occurring during your stay. Meet new friends or travel solo for the ultimate adventure. Save the emails for later, put the devices away, and detox from social media. Use this time away to absorb a new environment filled with art and culture. Bring your journal and camera to capture all of the inspiration. Explore Sacred sites and Ancient healing techniques. By allowing yourself this time to explore, you will learn so much about yourself and other people, too. 



This month your willpower and self-discipline can be tested. There are many exciting announcements that you would love to shout from the rooftop! However, you are being asked to take a more "behind the scenes" approach for now. July will continue to bring opportunities for success, but now is not the time to share all of your accomplishments. I know it's hard, but hold your excitement in just a little bit longer. Continue to focus on your magic and manifesting abilities. Put in the work, finish the projects you've been attending to, and be patient. There will come a time when you can celebrate. You may also be struggling with wanting solitude and having to be outgoing. Find the balance by listening to your body's needs. Do not over-commit to social activities or events when they can deplete your energy. When you are invited to attend functions, it's okay to let people know that you will do your best to make it. You don't have to give a definite "yes" or "no" if there isn't an RSVP in place. You can receive Cosmic downloads when you are mediating, honoring that space is valuable. However, make sure to save energy for social gatherings and one on one hangouts, too. It's important to continue to nurture your personal relationships while conserving energy for yourself. 



The water is calling you, Pisces. A trip to the beach or nearby natural springs is just what your soul needs. Water is extremely purifying and cleansing, which can assist you in the personal healing work that you've been dedicated to. Book a Hydra Facial to deeply cleanse and nourish your skin. Make sure you are staying hydrated and getting plenty of electrolytes as temperatures increase. To mix up your mediation practice, try a sensory deprivation tank session to enhance your connection to self. Book a vacation to islands or a place close to water and work with the nature spirits. Water has so many healing components and benefits that will really give you a boost of energy that you've been calling in. Create your own ritual for letting go. Start by making an altar honoring the water element. By connecting with water, you will be able to see where you can bring the elements of flow, grace, harmony, and peace into different aspects of your life. Be like water this month, Pisces! 

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