This New Moon Says It's Time to Do That Thing You’ve Been Wanting to Do

In general, the New Moon is a time for all things new: new beginnings, new intentions, new additions to your skincare routine (OK, that last one might just be me). But every New Moon has its own unique lessons to teach us, and the one coming up on June 13th — the Gemini New Moon — wants us to embrace our contradictions instead of hiding them.

In Gottess’ Many Moons Workbook, Beth Malden explains, “Gemini understands that you may say on thing, then do another, and that this is a valid expression of the multitudes within you. If the world insists on putting each of us in one box or another, Gemini stands with a foot in each.” 

The other night I was talking to a friend about making a shift in my life; I’m feeling called to connect more with the the Earth and commit to a natural(ish), low(er)-waste lifestyle, especially when it comes to skincare. I have these visions of digging my hands into dirt and growing my own herbs and making my own plant medicine — but as someone who’s worked in the sometimes-superficial fashion and beauty industries for the past seven years (I mean, I used to ghostwrite Khloé Kardashian’s sex column), admitting all of that feels a little ridiculous. My vision is so far from who I’ve been; so far from where I am today. My (very wise) friend basically said, “You’re allowed to change. Embrace the process and share that process with people.” Which, coincidentally, is exactly what the New Moon in Gemini is telling every single one of us.

What are you secretly dying to do with your life? What weird urge are you suppressing because it’s too far outside of your comfort zone? What self-truths are you not speaking because you’re worried that the people in your life might laugh at you? What is your soul craving?

The Gemini New Moon wants to you to look past all the bullshit and go for what you want, even if it contradicts with the life you’re currently living. Those dualities are what makes life feel like life, after all.

“Under Gemini’s New Moon, you can speak [your] truth,” Malden writes. “It will probably look and sound different from the last time you did this. That’s okay. You are allowed to change. You are allowed to contradict the person you were last week, last month, last year.”

Basically, all bets are off. Who you were yesterday has no bearing on who you are today — or tomorrow. Allow the Gemini moon to fill you with the courage to face into your own contradictions and feel zero shame about it. Here’s how to tap into that power.

  • On the night of the New Moon (June 13th), gather your ritual materials:

  1. A piece of paper or notebook

  2. A pen

  3. A bowl of water

  4. Candles, crystals, or other objects to set the mood

  5. A lighter

  • Light your candles, arrange your crystals, and grab your paper and pen

  • Take a moment to reflect, then write down your intentions (what do you want to pursue? who do you want to be? what are you ready to let go of?)

  • Grab your lighter, and set fire to your list over the bowl of water

  • Let it burn (and drop it in the bowl of water whenever the flames get too high)
    *This is even more powerful if you do it outside

This simple ritual always makes me feel especially badass and ready to take on my intentions (maybe it’s the open flames). I, for one, am going to explore this calling to connect with Mother Nature, even if it means wearing 3-inch heels to Home Depot for soil and potted plants. What contradictions are you ready to embrace?