Your June 2018 Oracle Readings are Here (and They Want You to Love Yourself)


This month I placed a focus on self-love and self-care for your readings. The Ancient Greeks believed that self-care was a necessary part of care for others: self-care made you a better, more compassionate person. The Greeks called practicing the love of the self 'Philautia'. They knew that only when we love ourselves and feel secure in ourselves can we truly love others. I used The Persephone Tarot by Marisa De La Peña and pulled a card for each zodiac sign. I hope these readings inspire you to constantly treat yourself like the divine being that you are! 


Apollo (The Sun)

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Here comes the Sun, Aries! Now is the time to utilize the power of solar energy. Plan that trip to the beach, soak in the rays while boosting up on Vitamin D. Don't forget to protect your skin as well as moisturize after sun exposure. Solar power is exactly what you need right now to recharge your batteries from the last few months of busyness. The Sun rules the sign of Leo and Leos are often known for their gorgeous manes. Treat yourself to that hair mask that you've been wanting to get or a trip to the salon for a new hairstyle. Maybe it's time to get that fringe that you've been wanting to try. You could be finding yourself at the center of attention as well, so make sure you're taking really good care of yourself so that your confidence levels are all the way up. June looks like a fun month for you, enjoy!

9 of Pentacles 

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Taurus, lucky you! You have the green light to enjoy all of the earthly pleasures available to you. Go ahead and book that reservation for your favorite new restaurant and get dessert. Take a weekend drive to your favorite landscape and pack a picnic. Don't forget the biodynamic wine and dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts. June is all about satisfying all of your senses. This assists you in feeling at home in your body, all the while feeling comfortable, too. You have permission to really enjoy your life and not to settle for things you don't love. You are abundant and prosperous! Question any feelings of hesitation that pop up if you have to spend a little bit more on activity or a product, especially if it makes you feel great. When you're at the spa, go ahead and upgrade to the package that you've been wanting to experience. Indulgence goes along way this month as long as there's moderation!

Demeter (The Empress)

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You are an Earth mamma this month, Gemini! Don't be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by beauty, like, all of the time. Everything you touch is magical and filled with your creativity! You've worked really hard up to this point by practicing self love and it shows. Everything seems to be falling into place for you as opportunities come to you with ease. You are representing the Divine Feminine and all of her beauty and power. This is a great time for you to practice gratitude and to continue to be thankful for all the gifts that you are receiving. A Yoni steam is a great way to honor the Sacred Feminine. Keep fresh flowers in your home and build a crystal grid around your bed. Spend time in a Jade sauna and honor the abundance around you. You may find yourself wearing dresses a little bit more than your usual as well. This month is for you, Goddess! 

Persephone (The High Priestess)

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This month for you is all about time in solitude, journeying within to find peace. Run a nice warm Himalayan salt bath and don't let anyone bother you. Spending time with yourself is most beneficial right now. Connecting with your inner voice and intuition proves most helpful. If you haven't already synced up with the Moon cycles or want a stronger connection to Lunar energy, I suggest working with The Many Moons Workbook by Gottess. Take a "Me day" or a weekend retreat, especially if an aspect of your life is depleting your energy. Practice a new form of meditation that you've been wanting to try as well. June proves to be a time of re-centering for you and strengthening your inner voice. Chances are, if you need answers, you'll find them within yourself this month.

7 of Swords

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This month is all about detoxing from unhealthy relationship dynamics with others and with yourself. It's really important to make sure that the language that you're using is coming from a loving place, even when you're speaking to yourself. Stay out of any drama that others are trying to pull you into that drains your energy. Practice implementing boundaries with others along with self-affirmations that encourage confidence and self love. Surround yourself with people in high spirits that nurture play and lightheartedness. There will be a lot of people that want you to attend their functions, but only choose to participate in the ones that align with higher vibrations. Be aware of the level of giving and receiving that is occurring in your life. Make sure that your relationships are reciprocal and that there is balance. Being mindful of who you are socializing with and maintaining a healthy inner dialogue will create an exciting month for you, dear Leo. 

Cupid + Psyche (The Lovers)

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This month could get a steamy for you, sweet Virgo. It's the perfect time to explore your sacred sexuality with another or with yourself. Try a Rose Quartz Yoni egg or wand for healing, nurturing and pleasuring your womb space. Explore your duality between your masculine and feminine energies for the ultimate unity of self. If you are in a relationship, spend extra time bonding with your mate this month by practicing self care together. Book a trip for the two of you to the Hot Springs for natural relaxation. Or if you're single, book a girls weekend trip to your favorite city. Pack a pair of heels for the dance floor and highlighter for that disco ball glow. Wear lingerie daily or do whatever makes you feel sexy. Enjoy this month of love, Virgo!


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Lately you've been having to make some pretty important decisions that may have created a serious tone in your life. Take some time this month to really give back to yourself and to lighten up your load. Responsibilities and heavy decision making can take a toll on our bodies. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and releasing toxins. Increase your workout regimen to really sweat out any stress. Take a fun class like Yoga Booty or Zumba. It's really important to make time to play and get your body moving.

Also if you haven't already, create a ritual–whether it's a couple times a week or once a week–where you treat yourself. It could be something as simple as going for a facial or binge-watching your favorite show on Hulu. Take care of yourself this month, Libra.

2 of Swords

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It's time for a retreat, dear Scorpio. You've earned this much-needed time alone. If you have the vacation time at work, go ahead and book it! A trip to Sedona in a secluded little Airbnb near a vortex is exactly what your spirit needs–a quiet space to get away from all the noise and chatter. Look into cheap flights for a destination that calls you. Maybe there's a silent meditation retreat that you've been wanting to do. It's time to heal the mind, body, and spirit. It might be best to do this trip solo as well. Introspection is encouraged and will help you resolve a matter that you've been stumped on. Enjoy this time to yourself, Scorpio. It's all going to work out, hang in there!

3 of Wands

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Part of practicing self-love is giving yourself the permission to have success. This month is all about staying on course in achieving your goals and dreams. Make a clear plan for what you want to manifest for the rest of the year. Maybe you are already planning for 2019. Stay on your path to success (which does not include self sabotage). There are plenty of distractions out there, but you owe it to yourself to see out your goals by practicing self-discipline. Time management is key here. Use the resources that are available to you to ensure that you aren't creating many unnecessary roadblocks along the way. Monitor your success in terms of short-term and long-term goals. Also, look into a life coach or mentor that can help you achieve your objectives. Create a mid-year Vision Board to stay inspired. Keep going Sagittarius, you got this! 

Woman King of Wands

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Looks like you have your mind on your money and your money of your mind, Capricorn. That's all great–just make sure you aren't skipping out on your self care routine. You are super focused right now and this may leave room for neglect on your seemingly mundane self care practices. Read up on biographies of successful figures in business and learn from their strategies in maintaining a healthy work/life balance. You can still be driven and have enough energy for your health and well being. If you feel as though things are about to get real busy for you in the upcoming months, now is the time to implement routines that sustain your wellness. Keep a journal monitoring your health to see if there needs some adjusting. Do you need to revisit your mineral and vitamin intake due to an increase in productivity? Also, if you have mastered your work/life balance, it may be a good idea to share your wisdom with others, too. 

Knight of Pentacles

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Positivity is the name of the game for you this month, Aquarius. Things may seem like they are at a pause, but hold tight–good news is on the way. This is the perfect time for you to focus on aligning your mental and physical health. The past couple of months may have been a little rocky so detoxification may be just what the doctor ordered. A Lymphatic massage or and mud bath is the perfect way to release any residual negative energy stored in the body. This creates the space in your field to attract positive energies as well. Also, pay close attention to your thoughts during this time. Are you focusing on fears from the past or on the hope of an abundant future? Mindset is everything, dear Aquarius. You have a lot to look forward to even though you may not see it yet. Hold onto the belief that great opportunities are coming. Continue to prepare your body so that you are healthy, vibrant, and receptive to the gifts The Universe has in store for you. 

Luna (The Moon)

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June is a dreamy time for you, Pisces. This energy is great for exploring your unconscious mind. Past life regression, dream work, and exploring your psychic capabilities are all activities supported during this time. Tapping into your emotional body and doing healing work is also encouraged. Unresolved childhood traumas can be treated with the help of a trusted practitioner. You can also attune your body with the natural Lunar cycles. Seek out a trusted group of women for a Red Tent ceremony to learn more about this ancient wisdom. To stay grounded through these mystical energies, develop a nightly beauty ritual. Anoint your skin with Rose oil after a steam shower. Drink your favorite herbal tea while writing in your dream journal. Rejoice in magical month, Pisces. 

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