What Working For Khloé Kardashian For A Year Taught Me About Skincare


Little known fact about me: I spent a year as a ghostwriter for the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. (Yes, those Kardashian-Jenner sisters.) 

I wrote about fashion and beauty for all five of Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie’s Official Apps at different points, but the bulk of my job involved being the undercover voice of Khloé. I met up with Khloé about once a month to soak up all of her sass, camel toe jokes, and skincare wisdom — and the woman has all three in spades. 

For someone who loves a good “cake face” and has literally all the money in the world, Khloé is super into natural, cheap beauty products! Here’s what Khlo$ taught me.

Coat Your Brows In Castor Oil To Make Them Grow Faster

Right after Khloé revealed, “My makeup artist Hrush says to try castor oil — apparently it helps hair grow faster,” I went out and bought myself a bottle from Whole Foods. Khloé and Hrush are totally right: Castor oil has been my bald brows' savior over the past couple of years. Just slather some on your brows on at night and you’ll see results in about two weeks.

Use Coconut Oil For Everything

In your food, on your face, even during sex (Khloé swears it’s a great lube [but don’t use it with a condom on]). It’s now my go-to makeup remover. (NOTE: Coconut oil can be comedogenic, but of course the Kardashian’s pores are immune to clogs.)

Lashes Need To Be Moisturized, Too


Khloé coats her eyelashes in Vitamin E every single night — she’ll just pop open a capsule and slather it on to keep her lashes soft and hydrated. After hearing this, I *may* have written a story on her site about how Vitamin E can be used to moisturize your labia, too (seriously, what was I thinking?!) that won Khloé some Goop-level backlash. Sorry, Khlo!

Bio-Oil Is Everything

Before face oils were big, Khloé taught me to lube up at night with Bio-Oil (which is less than $20). “I lay this stuff on really thick at night, go to bed, and let it work its magic,” she said — so, naturally, I did the same. I ended up using Bio-Oil for about a year and half straight and swear by the stuff. It’ll make your skin super-soft, plus get rid of any acne scarring or discoloration you have.

Hair Growth Vitamins Don’t Just Make The Hair On Your Head Grow....


I was curious if Khloé actually used the Sugar Bear Hair Gummy Vitamins she’s constantly hawking on Instagram, so I asked if they actually worked. Apparently, they work a little too well. She said that one brand of hair growth vitamins made her hair grow everywhere and fucked up her laser treatments — so now I stay far away from any sort of hair growth pills. As a pale Italian woman, I don’t need any more body or facial hair.

For more on Khloé's day-to-day beauty, check out khloewithak.com (my old stomping grounds)!

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