Unfiltered Shelfie: Inside an LA Lash Guru's Bathroom Cabinet


In Unfiltered Shelfie, we peek into the bathroom cabinet of a real woman working in the wellness industry. No #sponcon, no brand marketing, just the unfiltered truth on what skincare products they’re using, loving, and leaving behind. 


Meet Mo, the lash-extending and life-giving goddess behind Mobetta Lashes. She’s making a name for herself as one of LA’s go-to lash artists thanks to her impeccable aesthetic and her empowering take on beauty. Mo’s mission? To help women live that low-effort, high-impact life via fluttery, flirty, natural-looking lashes. (Because while lash extensions might seem high maintenance at first, they actually make it possible to roll out of bed and out the door without swiping on mascara first. #lazygirlwin.)

ILLUUM chatted with Mo about what she uses for her flawless complexion (seriously, she G-L-O-W-S), how to care for lash extensions, and why clean beauty needs cuter packaging.


Mo says:

I use Dr. Roebuck’s to cleanse, I use their Creme Cleanser. Currently, I’m trying out the Glossier Solution, which I know you hate [laughs]. But it’s actually helped me! Usually I don’t go for anything harsh–a lot of my skin routine is gentle stuff, which has been working out for me. But I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation and I have some pimples that left scars, and I definitely saw a visible difference right away from using Solution. That shit really helped brighten up my skin. Oh, and I’ve been using the Sunday Riley Good Genes sample size. Usually when I use all these products I don’t really know if it's making a difference–but with those two products I was like, Wow. I feel like I might buy the full-size bottle. I use a lot of products. To be fair, my skin is not problematic, but it is dry. If my skin is really dehydrated, I’ll use the Dr. Roebuck’s Hydrating Serum and the Bondi Hydrating Mist

And then of course, since I have lash extensions myself, I use the Lash Splash Lash Cleanser from GBY Beauty, which is something I carry as well for my lash clients. It’s important to keep your lashes clean from oil and it extends the longevity and the retention of extensions.


I do have a lot of Aesop products–I guess I can be honest about it. I did start a collection, but they don’t rate high up there as far as being really clean [formulations]. I am religious about using their hand soap and body lotion, it smells really nice. I even use their mouthwash. The deodorant as well. But I kind of steered away from using their beauty products after realizing that they aren’t that clean. I feel silly that it’s still on my beauty counter, but honestly it’s more of a branding/decorative thing!


I love Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste. I read so many great reviews about how some people had reversed cavities, and it helps reverse bleeding gums and all that stuff. The chemicals in commercial toothpaste have a lot of carcinogenic things! And [this] actually gives the most clean, fresh feeling. I always feel like, Ahhh after I brush. It can be kinda pricey ($10), so I tried other products that use salt and all this other natural stuff, but they don’t deliver the same clean feel that Uncle Harry’s does. 

As told to ILLUUM

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