OMG This Book *Actually* Changed My Life: “Life-Changing Foods”


The self-help genre gets a bad rap, and I’m not exactly sure why. My fiancé practically rolls his eyes every time a new Amazon package lands on our doorstep, because there’s sure to be the latest Brené Brown or Elizabeth Gilbert book inside, waiting to completely change my life with every page turn. But what’s so eye-roll inducing about learning? Setting yourself up for success? Changing your life? Nothing, if you ask me. 

That’s why ILLUUM’s book review series is called “OMG This Book *Actually* Changed My Life.” Because books, especially of the self-help variety, actually can change your life. This is one that’s changed mind.

If I told you that a man who refers to himself as “The Medical Medium,” because Spirit communicates with him about the medicinal properties of fruits, veggies, herbs, spices, and wild foods, inspired my entire diet philosophy, would you take me seriously?

Because I’m being 100% serious.

Let me warn you: Life-Changing Foods by Anthony William, the Medical Medium, is not a normal diet book. This book requires you to take a leap of faith and read William’s words without judgement — which is a challenge, because he writes crazy-sounding things like, “Talk to your produce like the dear ones they are: ‘You were grown for me. We were meant to be together. There was just a delay in that process, and now we’re finally united.’” (Yes, that’s a direct quote.)

But, oh my god, if you can suspend judgement and just absorb all of William’s divine knowledge, your life will actually change.

Life-Changing Foods is part science and part spirit; part cook book and part encyclopedia. It begins with Anthony William’s relationship with what he calls “Spirit”: He can supposedly look at a person and know all of their health issues, the spiritual root of said health issues, and what foods will heal them, thanks to an instantaneous download from Spirit. Wow.

It then goes on to talk about the state of the world, how we’ve treated the Earth thus far, and the health problems that humans have created for ourselves (like stress disorders and adrenal fatigue).


The meat of the book (no pun intended) covers what William calls The Holy Four: Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs & Spices, and Wild Foods. Within each category, Life-Changing Foods features 10 - 15 different foods and breaks down the health benefits, the conditions and symptoms the food treats, the emotional support it provides, and the “spiritual lesson” we can learn from said food. Each food also has preparation tips and an easy, all-natural recipe. 

Some of the information William presents is confirmed by science (I mean, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, and wild foods are good for you), and some, as he puts it, is “yet to be discovered” — as in, Spirit has given William this information before science could prove it.

For example, William writes about wild blueberries: “Currently, wild blueberries are acknowledged by nutrition experts for their sky-high levels of antioxidants. It goes beyond that — they have the highest proportion of antioxidants of any food on the planet. One hundred years from now, medical science will use the wild blueberry as the key to unlock the secrets of how to heal disease.” And, since wild blueberries have survived tens of thousands of years and adapted to all kinds of natural disasters, by eating them we can absorb those qualities. William calls them “the resurrection food.” Yeah, I’ll take an extra helping of that.

The best part of Life-Changing Foods is the comprehensive index at the end, which allows you to search by disorder, condition, and symptom and look up which foods in the Holy Four will best heal whatever you’re dealing with. The index is so thorough that “anal itching” is a listed symptom. (No shame. Kiwis, melons, and papayas can help.)

Full disclosure: Before reading this book, my diet was complete shit. And I felt like complete shit. I was ready for a change and totally open to William’s unconventional way of thinking about food. I loved the idea that food could be more than just physical fuel; that the way a particular fruit is grown and the conditions it survives in could imprint lessons on my soul and enrich my spiritual experience. 

I now incorporate almost all of William’s Life-Changing Foods into my diet — especially those wild blueberries, cilantro (which apparently is key to clearing up acne, eczema, and psoriasis), papayas (a skin superfood), and aloe vera. I’ve even been known to talk to my avocados when no one’s around to hear me. 

What do you think? Can you suspend judgement and open yourself up to the possibility that Spirit knows truths that science can’t prove? Just try. At best, these foods will change your life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And at worst, you’ll just look a little silly talking to the avocado display at Whole Foods.

Get your copy here.

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