2 Ultra-Hydrating Masks That Are So Fresh You Need To Keep Them In The Fridge


In the age of Instagram #shelfies, I’m always looking for products that are both a) effective and b) going to look good on my bathroom sink. Or in my fridge. 

OK, I don’t actually look for skincare products to spruce up my refrigerator. But that’s exactly what these LUSH masks do, among other things. 

LUSH is one of my go-to skincare brands because they formulate all of their products with natural ingredients, and I fully believe that most things can be cured by Mother Nature. Enter my LUSH Oatifix and Rosy Cheeks masks.


If I could only pick one desert-island mask (don’t ask me why I’d need to mask on a desert island), it would be Oatifix. Its main ingredient is fine oatmeal, which is apparently super soothing, followed by mashed banana to soften and ground almonds to exfoliate. It smells so good that I literally want to eat this stuff off of my face, but I refrain because HOLY SHIT does it make my skin super-soft and dewy-feeling. If I have a bad day or am feeling dull, tired, or dry, Oatifix is my go-to. You just slather it on dry skin, leave on for 15 minutes, and wash off.


When LUSH ran out of Oatifix a few months back — which is not uncommon — they recommended I try Rosy Cheeks instead. This one isn’t quite as hydrating as Oatifix, but its mixture of calamine and Turkish rose oil really calms and balances the skin. I’d recommend it for random skin freak-outs or anyone who is as obsessed with the smell of roses as I am. (To clarify, that’s incredibly obsessed.)

Because the ingredients in these masks are so fresh, they have to be kept in the fridge — so no #shelfies, but maybe we can make #fridgies a thing?

These masks are so fresh you can only find them in physical LUSH shops! Details here.

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