Your May 2018 Oracle Reading is Here - and You NEED to Read It


These Oracle readings are for you. Each one came through with the intention to bring guidance and clarity based on the energies for the month ahead. Feel free to read the messages correlating to your Sun, Moon and/or Rising sign. If you are unfamiliar with these aspects in Astrology, a birth chart can be generated for free on the internet. You can also read the message corresponding with image that resonates most with you. I hope that these messages bring you feelings of positivity, inspiration and hope.




Listen to where you are being called. Your agenda is filled with activities this month. The energy is requiring you to be flexible with your schedule. You might be asked to attend an event and show face, then suddenly you get a message not to go–listen to your intuition. Honor your commitments to social gatherings but if a message comes through loud and clear not to go, listen to where you are guided. There is redirection happening this month for you. It's important to trust your intuition in order to move toward new pathways. This spontaneity isn't scary for you because you are prepared for changing plans. There is a sense of unpredictability in the air which can be exhilarating! The energy is calling you to be open minded, flexible and trusting as changes occur. The unexpected people and places that you will encounter this month can change the course of this year for you. As you're being directed to make certain choices, show up authentically. Keep items in tow that take you from casual to VIP just in case you need to make an outfit change on the go. Aries, it's the perfect month for you to actively exude natural confidence.


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Feel the warmth of the Sun illuminating all aspects of your life, beautiful one. You are totally supported in all that you do. You've been working so hard, making sacrifices to achieve your goals and visions. This month, all of your efforts are being rewarded! Get ready to truly reap what you have sowed. The lows of feeling any lack are gone. You are embracing abundance, prosperity, and most importantly, gratitude. If there was any anxiety about your resources, release it and replace it with gratitude. Be thankful for your blessings. Appreciate all of the beauty that surrounds you in this moment. If you are having trouble doing this go out into Mother Nature. Allow her to surround you with her beauty. Place fresh flowers in your home in vibrant colors. Be thankful for the simple things in life while maintaining an abundance mindset. Take a Spiritual Prosperity Bath to call in your wealth. There is so much available to you now. Reward yourself by indulging a bit in the comforts of life. After all, self care is an application of self love. 


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Things are quite electric for you this month as you are putting finishing touches on a major project. You are almost at the finish line! The completion of a landmark is so close you can taste it. Hang in there and have some patience with the rate in which it is all unfolding. You've been managing your time so well and practicing self discipline. Kudos to you, Gemini. Before you unveil your creation or achievement, pause and be still. Really think about who, what, when, where, and how you will deliver your finished project. Maybe the advice of an expert in the related field of work that you trust can help. How you release your work to the world is extremely important. Take time to consider what the outcome will look like. I know you're super excited to just get the work out there, but this thoughtfulness will result in extra success. Have patience, timing is everything. 


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You are such a bright light that sometimes hides away from the spotlight. Have you been living in the shadow of someone else? Or maybe it's a shadow of self doubt and fear. This month, it's time for you to emerge and show the world who you really are. In order to do this, there is a level of confidence and safety that must be instilled. Review the practices in your life that help you feel safe to exhibit your true self. Revisit any trauma that needs to be healed that involves rejection or unnecessary criticism. These traumas are most likely in the root cause of why you have been hiding your true gifts. I know this might be a little scary coming coming out of your comfort zone of doing your work behind the shadows. But the energies are calling you to step into the light. This bravery is not necessarily about serving other people as much as is it about you honoring your personal power. Practice awareness this month when it comes to the space that you take up when you enter a room. How are you responding when you are in a room full of people? There may be opportunities here for you to shine rather than stay quiet in the background. Get into the habit of not being afraid to be seen, the world needs your true authentic self.


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Your inner child is calling for playtime this month. You've recently had to prioritize all of your adult responsibilities which has taken up quite a bit of your time. This month calls you to slow down and prioritize the activities that you enjoyed as a child. What types of games did you like to play as a child? What types of activities made you feel wild and free? Inner child work is a great way to stay present. Your inner child is attuned to your emotional body and its core innocence. Learn from this work. Bring forth an attitude of curiosity when you take on tasks that would normally seem mundane or boring. Activate your wildness and freedom flowing nature. Your inner child has much to teach you about how responsibilities can be fun. Liberate yourself by being care free and trusting that your joy will bring you more success and happiness. When socializing, make sure you are surrounding yourself with light hearted company who shares a similar playful approach to life. Get ready to have more fun! Yellow and orange are great colors to wear this month for you. Eat plenty of fruit, too. Welcome the upcoming summer months with optimism, curiosity, and wonder. Your openness will attract more abundance!


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It's time to get out there and breathe in the fresh air! Nature is calling. She wants you to take off your shoes and place your toes in the rich soil. Replenish your spirit by connecting with Pachamamma. When was the last time you took a nice long walk in the park? Visit a flower farm and immerse yourself in the beauty that this planet has to offer. Not only will you feel more connected in oneness, but Earth energies are super grounding. Attend your local farmer's market for speciality fruits and vegetables to make your favorite recipes at home. Pet your cat. Take your dog to a new park. Meet up with friends to go hiking. Maybe it's time to book that camping trip and disconnect a bit from the hustle and bustle. Visit a body of water and make offerings of gratitude. Clean out and organize your beauty collection. Make sure you are using eco-friendly beauty products. The more natural the products you are using the better as your skin might be ultra sensitive right now. It's also a great month to grow herbs or more house plants. Connect with the plant medicine in your home however you can. Be open to communicating with animal spirits as well. Whether it's a particular bird that visits you every morning while you drink tea, or that you keep seeing pictures of elephants, research the meanings and teachings these loving animal spirits have to offer. Feel the embrace of the Divine Feminine through the forces of nature. 


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Now what? You've done the work. Everything is all set. Wait. Yes that's right, wait. Patience is a virtue and this month you will experience a waiting period. It's totally cool, hang tight. The fruits of your labor are ripe. But before you can enjoy the cumulation of your efforts there will be a pause. A time of stillness. This may bring you a sense of uneasiness. Don't allow this time to create self doubt or uncertainty. Trust that all that you've done up to this point will have positive results. You've just got to wait a little to see how the manifestations will unfold. Fill your time with tasks that you've been too busy to do. Clean out your kitchen cupboards. Organize that junk drawer you've been meaning to get to. Occupy this time so that you are not fixated on seeing the results of your expenditures. A watched pot never boils. When you want something to happen, paying attention to it will make the wait feel much longer. Once new clients start flowing in and your inbox is filled with inquiries, you'll be thankful for this downtime. It's also a great time to establish a meditative routine. Take that Breathwork class you've been wanting to take. Have this practice established so when things start to get busy you'll be prepared!


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You are being asked this month to exhibit leadership; to be a guiding light for others as they maneuver through darkness. You have been through profound transformation and have had some powerful self realizations. Others are looking to you now for guidance and advice. There is a specialization of knowledge that you can access based on your personal experiences. This knowledge can empower you to act as a guide for others going through similar situations. To step into this role, it may require you to develop certain skills to enhance your ability to serve. Take a class, workshop, or certification program to further your learning in this specific field. You have been blessed to be in a position to be able to assist others in their growth and personal development. This is a great responsibility and is much needed at this time for the collective. Transmute your past, including the pain and trauma, to educate others. By empowering yourself, you empower others; as it aligns with your life purpose. It's a big month for you Scorpio, get ready to answer the call to serve. Wear Black Tourmaline for protection as you navigate deep, healing waters.



Community is everything right now. There is a network of powerfully loving people that surround you. You have been cultivating these relationships for quite some time but now you can see how important they truly are. You've done the work to cut out toxic relationships and it shows by the company you keep. The current flow of people in your life see you as you are–they accept you, imperfections and all. Continue nurturing these positive relationships by showing up and honoring your social commitments. Let your loved ones know how much you care and appreciate them. Educate yourself on the 5 Love Languages to ensure that the communication lines are open and clear. If you are struggling in a certain area in your life, don't be afraid to reach out for assistance from those you trust. Show your vulnerability and receive the help that you need. You have been giving your time, energy, and efforts into being a guide for others.  Allow yourself to be on the receiving end sometimes, too. Focus on keeping this balance within your partnerships as well. With all of this social activity requiring your attention, don't forget to take time for yourself as well. The relationship you have with yourself is, of course, the most important relationship in this life. 


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This month self care is a priority for you more than ever. Put your energy into developing a strong and loving self care routine. You've been wanting to do this for some time now, but have been too busy working hard to achieve your goals. Well, this month is giving you the opportunity and time to push reset. Rest and relaxation are key. You may be spending more time at home as well. Sage your space. Clear and stagnant energy. Get your nest feeling as cozy as possible. This environment will support your self care practices. If you can, limit your social engagements. Have company come to you rather than having to "go out". Co-host gatherings with friends to share responsibilities within the social group. You got to take it easy this month with trying to do it all. Try not to have too many obligations which can prevent a potentially stressful agenda. Go slow, chill out. Watch all your favorite movies from the comfort of your bed. Listen to all the podcasts on your list. Take extra yoga classes. It's totally okay. You deserve this much-needed breather. This time out will clarity. If you have been seeking direction, it will come to you. Introspection brings forth inner wisdom and guidance. Book a session with a spiritual healer that your trust for extra insight. Visualize how you would like the rest of the year to unfold. A great way to be productive this month is to prepare yourself for the upcoming seasons by replenishing your soul through self care. 


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Get your body right. This month is all about you being present in your physical body. How are you treating this vessel? How's your health? Are you fully anchored in physical form? Grounding techniques are vital to this work. You tend to be all up in your head but this month you have to be here and now in the body. Meditation is a great way to bring your awareness to the physical. Try a guided meditation that includes a body scan to check in with yourself. If you have any pending health concerns, schedule an appointment with a trusted healer to address it. Take extra herbs and natural supplements to build your immune system. What's your current exercise routine like? Are you being challenged or have you plateaued? It might be time to take an advanced class or try something new entirely. Zumba is a fun and social dance class to get that body moving. Now that your focused on healing the body and getting proper exercise, let's talk diet. What types of food are you putting into your body? Are these food nurturing your spiritual, emotional, and physical growth or are they effecting you a negatively? Where are you sourcing the food that you eat? Eating natural, whole, and organic foods nurtures your spirit. Lastly, make sure you are getting plenty of deep, rejuvenating sleep. A supportive routine that helps the brain unwind before bed will ensure this. It's time to step it up, Aquarius. People rely on your strength, and your physical endurance is vital to being of service. Most importantly, do this work for yourself. You deserve to feel good in your body. The Universe supports you as you make your physical health a major priority.


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Get your bags packed and your passport ready travel is in your near future. You may have planned vacations, retreats, day trips, or travel opportunities could pop up unexpectedly. Whether they are short trips or long trips, allow the feeling of wanderlust and spontaneity to flow. Finish any projects and get things in order so that you are prepared to leave home and work. If you have any lingering assignments, try to wrap them up as much as you can before you find yourself on the move. You'll reach a new sense of freedom as you explore new lands and new places. Whether you're traveling alone or with a companion, you are going to have so much fun!  As you explore new cultures, see it as an opportunity to practice a hobby that you've been putting off. Bring your camera or your notebook to journal in and use this time as inspiration. You can even create new and exciting content for a blog or your website. Try to connect with locals and create a network of people wherever you go. A global community is a great resource to have. Make sure you have a trial size beauty kit handy. Safe travels, Pisces! 



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