A Meditation Mantra To Clear Your Skin (Seriously)

The second I started seeing my skin as part of the cliché (but so, so real) trifecta of “mind-body-soul” balance, my skin changed. 

It’s really not as out-there as it sounds. As the biggest organ in your body, your skin is sometimes best possible litmus test for overall wellness. If you’re allergic to something you ate, you’ll see it on your skin. If you’re particularly stressed at work, you’ll see it on your skin. If your energy isn’t flowing freely, you’ll see it on your skin. 

During the years I was dealing with chronic dermatitis, this “skin-body-soul” concept made its way to me in many ways (a Tibetan healer, Breathwork sessions, inspirational Instagram quotes), but I never really bought it. I was convinced that the right dermatologist/pill/cream was just around the corner — but when dermatologist after dermatologist failed, and the creams they prescribed actually aggravated my condition instead of calmed it, I had no choice but to turn inward for answers. OK, and I had a dreamy Costa Rican vacation coming up where I wanted to flaunt effortlessly-glowing, makeup-free skin on the beach.

With two weeks ‘til my Costa Rica getaway (with my boyfriend of a month and his entire family, no less [yes, I know I’m crazy]), I decided to meditate on my skin. 

I started by sitting with the reasons I wanted my skin to be clear and bright: To spend time with my boyfriend and get to know his family without worrying about how I looked. To enjoy the beach and soak up all of nature’s beauty free from anxiety about how the salt water would irritate my condition. To let my true, carefree, fun-loving self shine through. To have who I am on the inside be reflected on the outside. 

With that, I found my mantra:
“I am beautiful on the inside, and it shines through the outside.”

OK, it’s cheesy and embarrassing and maybe more than a little creepy that I spent 30 minutes a day repeating this to myself. But by the time my vacation rolled around, my dermatitis had all but cleared up, and it stayed that way all through my Costa Rican adventure. Which, for me, was nothing short of a miracle.


There are a few explanations for why and how my mantra worked:

  1. Stress greatly contributes to so-called incurable conditions like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. By calming my body down for 30 minutes a day with my mantra-based meditation, I alleviated some of that stress and allowed my body to heal itself.

  2. The Law of Attraction was at work. This Law dictates that what you focus on will come to be, and by visualizing myself with clear, bright skin, I called it into existence.

  3. It was a total coincidence. (But I don’t really think so.)

Of course, this isn’t an end-all-be-all cure. My dermatitis still flares up, I get pimples alongside my period, and I have a small arsenal of skincare products to thank for my good skin days. But I continue to incorporate this mantra into my routine, because I believe in it. (And it can’t hurt, right?)

Give it a try. If you repeat the mantra with good intentions and a strong vision, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll notice bright, beautiful skin to match the bright, beautiful soul on the inside.