This Missing Step in Your Skincare Routine Could Be Making You Break Out


You know that feeling when you realize something so incredibly obvious that you can’t even brag about your life-changing discovery at the risk of looking like an idiot for not realizing it sooner? That’s kind of how I felt when I discovered this quote-unquote “skincare secret.” But in the name of great skin, I actually am going to brag about my life-changing discovery just in case you somehow missed the obvious, too.

My post-shower routine involves no less than 32 products on a full-face makeup day. Normally, I breeze through the lineup without stopping for air: Facial products first, then moisturizing and deodorizing my body from head-to-toe, then my oral care series (floss, toothpaste, tongue-scraping, mouthwash), then hair brushing and styling, and finally a full face of makeup (which, of course, would always include a healthy amount of concealer for the ever-present pimples under my nostrils and on my chin).

Then one day I realized why I was still breaking out despite a seven-step, morning-and-night acne fighting skincare routine–and it all came down to washing my hands.

It hit me that before I even started applying my makeup each morning, my hands were covered in residue from at least 10 other products, some of which were never meant to get near sensitive facial skin, all banding together to infiltrate my foundation and clog up my pores. Gross, right?

Ever since that random moment of enlightenment, I’ve made it my mission to wash my hands after every step in my morning routine: Once after I apply my skincare products, once after I apply my body lotions and deodorant, and once after styling my hair. And guess what? It’s made a huge difference. 

My acne flare-ups are fewer and farther between (and my nails have never been cleaner)! I recommend using a natural, gentle hand soap that won’t dry out your skin after all those washes. Honest Company makes a great one, as does Dr. Bronner’s. Try it and let me know if you notice a difference in your skin–I have a feeling you will.