17 Beauty Lessons I Learned from My Mother


When it comes to beauty (or anything, really), it's true what they say: Mother knows best. In honor of Mother’s Day, here are all the beauty lessons I’ve picked up from my mother, Cindy — the most beautiful, selfless, loving, hilarious woman I know — over the years.

  1. When it comes to hair, the bigger the better.

  2. When it doubt, add more mascara. (Seriously — you can never have too much mascara.)

  3. Liquid eyeliner can totally be applied while driving.

  4. When your (or your daughter's) favorite lipstick shade is discontinued, there’s only one thing to do: Buy up Amazon's entire stock.

  5. To apply blush: Purse your lips and attempt to smile, then dust blush on the raised apples of your cheeks. You’ll look momentarily ridiculous, but your blush will be on point.

  6. Spend money on great foundations and concealers for special occasions, but when it comes to bronzer and blush, money can’t buy anything better than CoverGirl Cheekers.

  7. Find your signature makeup look and stick to it.

  8. When checking your makeup in the mirror, you must make a fish face.

  9. Bangs should be “piece-y.” Never straight-across.

  10. When you don't have time to do your makeup, just wear sunglasses and never take them off.

  11. Keep your entire makeup collection with you/in your car at all times, preferably in an old Ziploc bag.

  12. Who needs fancy perfume when you have fresh baby powder?

  13. Don't bother with eyeshadow palettes — one good brown shadow will do.

  14. When your skin is acting up or your eyelid is swollen, positive thinking and visualization can be just as powerful as topical creams and ointments.

  15. The first step of your morning beauty routine should always be a cup of hot water with lemon. The second step should be coffee with a dose of Bone Broth Collagen Powder.

  16. When you cry off your eye makeup from laughing too hard, don't bother reapplying. It's only going to happen again.

  17. Laugh lines and crow’s feet are signs of a life well-lived. When you feel like getting rid of them... don't.