Why This New Moon Is Extra Powerful For New Beginnings


The new moon on April 15th is an especially powerful one for new beginnings, new ideas, rebirth, redos, and retrogrades. During the new moon, it’s typical to to set intentions for your life. It’s said that as the moon waxes and grows bigger, your intention grows with it. This new moon is no exception — in fact, there’s really no better time (astrologically speaking) to not only set intentions, but to actively create the life you want to live.

So why this new moon? First of all, Mercury goes direct — so no, you can’t blame all the shitty things in your life on Mercury retrograde anymore. Second of all, the new moon is entering the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and the astrological symbol for fresh starts, innocence, and rebirth. (Side note: I may sound like an expert here but I glean all my knowledge from the book Many Moons — get a copy here to do your own independent research!)

The idea of “rebirth” can be a little cheesy. Even writing this article feels a little cheesy, a little icky, a little imposter syndrome-y. But I think, deep down, everyone can relate to wanting a chance to begin again, to press restart, to actually become the person they want to be. I know I do.

In moments of inspiration, I feel these almost magical pulls towards the person I am at my core (which can sometimes feel so far from the person I am day to day); towards the work I want to be doing; towards the kind of life I want to lead. But then my real life gets in the way, and I wind up watching a show on Netflix for three hours instead of writing my business plan, or ordering in pizza when I intended to treat my body like the goddamn temple that it is. It feels like I take one giant step toward my intention, and then a million baby steps backwards. Every day.

But the energy of this new moon is already coursing through me — maybe you can feel it, too. An extra push to set boundaries with people that suck your energy. The conviction to quit the job that’s been making you sick with stress. The urge to sign up for that early morning yoga class instead of hitting snooze. The inclination to spend an introspective Friday night in feeling instead of forgetting the week with a stream of tequila sodas with a splash of lime (even though that is the healthiest drink to order, according to Kelly LeVeque). For me, these choices haven’t been easy to make, but they almost feel natural; as if they’re — forgive the metaphor — spiritual contractions before a rebirth. 

I’m connecting so hard to the Aries new moon as time for a fresh start in part because it’s my last new moon as a single woman. On April 28th (one night before the next full moon), I’m getting married! Stepping into this new phase of my life is fucking terrifying (but also, of course, thrilling and full of joy) and I’m doing my best to take extra-good care of myself in the weeks beforehand. I’m honoring my independence, listening to my body, and paying attention to the voice inside that’s guiding me into this new role. And even though I’m in a unique situation (anyone else getting married between this new moon and the next full moon?), from what I can tell, this pull towards a new beginning, a new chapter of life feels pretty universal right now.

What new role are you stepping into? What new phase of your life are you ready to start? It can be as big as getting married and as small as committing to cutting coffee out of your diet (more on that later this week!). Whatever it is, you can use the power of the Aries new moon to guide you to it and through it.

Here’s a simple ritual to perform on the 15th to connect to the Aries energy:

  • Take a cleansing bath or shower.

  • Afterwards, when you’re feeling all fresh and clean, light a candle as you set your intention for a fresh start.

  • Repeat your intention, either in your head or out loud, three times.

  • Every night until the full moon (April 29th), light the candle and reflect on your intention.

  • If you want to be extra about it, don’t ever blow the candle out. Some say that your intention will blow away with it! (I mean, I believe our intentions are stronger than that — but you can’t be too careful!) Instead, snuff the flame out to keep the candle charged and its energy contained.

Happy (re)birthday!