Ritual for the New Moon in Cancer: How to Honor the Power of Water in Your Life (and Your Skincare Routine)

The new moon on July 12 is in the sign of Cancer, and coincidentally (or not — there really are no coincidences in the cosmos), the sun is in Cancer right now, as well. This double-dose of Cancer is showering us in water energy: fluid, creative, life-giving, emotional, strong, intuitive, psychic, spiritual. 

So what should you do with all this Crabby goodness? Go with it.

So many of us are feeling blocked right now; I’ve been hearing it from my friends and family, from podcasts I’m listening to, and from ILLUUM readers messaging me. The energy of the past month has been hard to move through. Anyone else feel as if you’re not making progress, or that you’re moving backwards? 

Well, this new moon in Cancer has the ability to open the floodgates, break through the blockages, and push you farther than you thought. Think about it: the ocean tide has to recede before it can explode in a wave of power. Trust that the same is happening for your creativity, your healing, or whatever stuck energy you’re trying to move through right now. (The tides are dictated by the moon, which also rules Cancer, by the way. See? No coincidences!)

If you want to harness this energy with a new moon ritual, I suggest incorporating water. Either run a bath, take a cleansing shower, or go for a dip in a pool, lake, or ocean if you’re able. While in the water, reflect on how you can incorporate water's lessons into your life.

This might mean holding space for the contradictions that exist within you and making peace with them — after all, water is the ultimate contradiction: it’s both gently flowing and destructively powerful; life-giving and life-taking; it covers the majority of the earth but is ruled by the cosmos. 

It might just mean going with the flow and trusting the divine timing of your life. Not every moment (or month) of your existence can be the powerful wave — sometimes you’re ebbing, sometimes you're flowing, and sometimes you’re riding the wave. Every phase is OK.

Another (more low-key!) way to honor the power of water is make it a bigger player in your skincare routine over the next two weeks of this moon cycle.

I truly do believe that water is the most powerful, gentle healer we have when it comes to skincare. About two years ago, when my dermatitis was at its worst, I decided to cut everything out of my routine and just use water. That’s right: No toners, no moisturizers, no face masks, nothing but plain ol’ water.

I was surprised by the results, to say the least: my skin looked amazing. After a week of just water, my dermatitis was significantly clearer and my skin felt softer and more nourished than ever before. Of course, sometimes products are necessary to remedy imbalances or repair damage, but I highly recommend trying a water detox for a week or so and seeing how your skin feels.

A few other ways to lean on water to nourish your skin:

  • Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. If you have trouble remembering, set eight alarms to go off on your phone throughout the day to remind you to grab a glass. Track the difference in your sink after two weeks of internal hydration and let me know how it goes.

  • Ice your face. Ice is an underrated anti-inflammatory agent that has the power to de-puff under-eye bags, calm active breakouts, and even soothe psoriasis. Try icing your face once a day during this moon cycle, and I promise you’ll notice clearer, more radiant skin at the end of it.

  • Indulge in baths. Soaking in a hot bath opens your pores, allowing your skincare ingredients to sink in even deeper. My favorite trick is to apply a face mask before hopping in a bath, so that it can penetrate my pores and do its best work while I relax.

Cover image via Flickr.