3 Rituals For Tuesday’s New Moon In Varying Degrees of Woo-Woo-ness


Tuesday, January 16th brings the full moon cycle to a close with a new moon in Capricorn.

A “new moon” happens once a month when the sun and moon align, essentially hiding the moon from our sight. Over the next two weeks, the new moon “grows” (AKA, waxes) into a full moon. And this month, the new moon is in the earthy sign of Capricorn. But what does it all mean

The new moon (which happens every four weeks) is the ideal time of the month to “plant seeds” of change and growth, and set new intentions. As the moon grows over the next two weeks, so will your intention. The fact that this new moon is in Capricorn means that there’s a special focus on the qualities that Cap represents: groundedness, resourcefulness, ambition, and earthly pleasures (like feeling good in your body, paying special attention to your skin, and focusing on physical comfort).

If you read up on my full moon ritual two weeks ago, you know how I feel about the moon: It’s powerful! Thanks to the moon's magnetic matter, its gravitational pull creates the ocean tides and even affects the water found in soil and plant leaves (a phenomenon called “leaftide”). So for anyone skeptical about the power of the moon when it comes to things like moon rituals or moon manifesting, let me remind you: Humans are 60% water. It’s not totally off-the-rails to think that the moon affects us, too.

But, I get it — admitting that you want to “harness the power of the moon” might make you feel like a total weirdo. Here are three ways you can tap into the power of Tuesday’s new moon — in varying degrees of woo-woo-ness — to align with the moon’s energy no matter where you are in your own ~*mystical*~ journey.


For the beginner: If you don’t want to get too deep with your new moon ritual — or don’t have a ton of time in between work, cooking dinner, and watching the new episode of This Is Us — keep it simple by setting an intention and lighting a candle. 

Spend a few moments deciding on an intention that you want to “grow” over the next two weeks (and remember, if you pick something that falls under the Capricorn umbrella, that’s even better). Then, light a fresh candle as you repeat the intention, either in your mind or out loud, whatever makes you comfortable. Re-light the candle every night over the next two weeks, until the full moon on January 31st, and let it serve as a nightly reminder of your intention.

For the ritual-curious: To really harness the energy of earthy Capricorn under this new moon, mix intention-setting with something that brings you physical comfort: a bath! 

First, create a calm and clear space for your intention bath by cleansing the room with palo santo. Light some candles to set the mood, and run a warm bath. Instead of your usual bubbles, pour in epsom salts and coconut milk to make the bath a cleansing experience on every level — mind, body, and soul. Epsom salts are said to totally destress and detoxify the body by reducing inflammation, promoting better sleep, and stimulating the gut; and coconut milk has been incorporated into spiritual ceremonies for centuries because “when the coconut is broken it symbolizes the ego shell breaking and the heart, the essence which gives life, being allowed to come out and be made available.” (I mean, who knows if this applies to Whole Foods’ boxed coconut milk, which is what I’ll be using, but I like to think it does.)

As you soak in your bath, decide on an intention (or two, or three) that you want to focus on over the next two weeks. Use your bath time to meditate on your intentions and let them “soak in.” (!!! Get it? Someone stop me.)

For the witch-y woman: The 2018 moon-tracking guide Many Moons outlines rituals and ceremonies to perform for every major moon event of the year (I highly recommend getting your own copy here). For the Capricorn new moon, it suggests a ritual written by Virgie Tovar to help you connect to and appreciate your body for all that it does for you. Moon manifestors, now is the time to manifest some self-love! Here’s what Virgie says to do:

“You’ll need anywhere from 5 - 30 minutes, your favorite oil (I recommend rose oil for its heart-healing properties), and a quiet place. You can sit down or lie down for this practice, and I recommend either being naked or wearing only underwear. Cover your hands in oil. You can start anywhere on your body that you’d like or–if you prefer direction–start at your head. Try to touch every part of yourself: face, neck, shoulder, arms, chest, belly, thighs, calves, and feet. Say a small gratitude to each part. (‘Thank you, feet, for carrying me. That you, hands, for letting me write letters to my favorite humans.’) Pay special attention to the parts of yourself you have a difficult time loving or accepting. When you reach those emotional spots on your body, spend extra time touching and massaging that part of you. Let yourself feel whatever comes up–delight, grief, wonder, anger. Our bodies hold all of this, and some parts of us hold more memories than others. End with five deep breaths.”

Even I’m a little hesitant to go full-on with this one (which is probably a sign that I need to do it, right?), so I might just settle in with some palo santo, a bubble bath, and focus on my new moon intentions. 

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