The New Moon on October 8 Is So On Point It'll Make You Cry

Has anyone else been a weepy mess this week?

Normally, I would blame my emotional state on the New Moon coming through (on Monday, October 8, to be exact), but this time, there’s a very real, tangible reason for the tears. We are experiencing a tender moment in this country. With Brett Kavanaugh, an accused sexual assaulter, being sworn into the US Supreme Court, it means that a third of the men currently sitting on the Supreme Court have been accused of sexual assault.

Reading the news of Kavanaugh’s confirmation was like digging a finger into a tender, bruised, still-healing spot on my soul. It confirmed a deep-seated belief I’ve been trying to uproot but just can’t: My trauma isn’t actually a big deal. No one cares. I need to shut up and deal with it. Assault is so commonplace that mine means nothing. When men like Kavanaugh are governing our lives, our families, our bodies, it’s hard not to feel a little hopeless.

But reading through Gottess’ Many Moons Workbook this weekend illuminated the tiniest sliver of hope. In it, the author explains that Monday’s New Moon is in Libra, which is associated with the Justice tarot card. It brings a renewed focus to the concept of “justice” in our lives; particularly truth, balance, and karma. (Cue the tears.)


She also notes that the numerology of the year 2018 makes it a Justice year: “The Justice card in a Justice year means that issues of justice, of collective truths, will be in prominent placement in all our lives. We will be revising and rebuilding ideas around collective personal justice and collective personal truths. We will be cutting ties with old, toxic lineage patterns and programming that perpetuate suffering and harm. We are seeing how the law is, in this country, very frequently, designed to benefit those writing the law. How decayed our systems are. We are seeing how much rebuilding must be done, how many reparations are owed. We are seeing how much the collective depends on our participation.

The fact that these words — written before the name ‘Kavanaugh’ ever entered the zeitgeist — speak so directly to an issue that has defined the month of October thus far is kind of mind-blowing to me. Maybe it’s silly, but looking at the world through this lens helps me see that progress is being made. We have the power to take this collective hurt and rage and channel it into action to create change. (Hey, the cosmos is on our side!) As Many Moons says, “the collective depends on our participation.”

Yes, take the time to take care of yourself during this emotional, gut-wrenching moment in history (I know I am). But then, take action. Our participation is essential. Our participation is our power. Our collective healing depends on it.

If you’ve been feeling helpless, here are some ways you can exercise the power of participation:

  1. Vote in the midterms. Make sure you’re registered. This list breaks down exactly how and when to register in order to be able to vote in the upcoming elections.

  2. March on Washington with the Women’s March. More information is here.

  3. Donate to the campaigns of the candidates running against the senators who voted for Kavanaugh. Via Kamala Harris: “Rush a contribution of $10 or more to the campaigns of Kyrsten Sinema and Jacky Rosen — two amazing, progressive women who announced this week that they would have voted against Judge Kavanaugh had they already been in the U.S. Senate:” Donate here.

I understand that many of my readers might be confused by such an outwardly political post. During the Kavanaugh trial, I posted something on Instagram that simply said “Believe Women, Believe Survivors,” and a follower threatened, “Don’t get political. You’ll lose customers like me.”

I want to take this opportunity to say that ILLUUM has always taken a holistic view of skincare and self-care—skin, body, and soul. This platform is about taking care of ourselves on every level in order to show up in the world as our true, full selves. To me, this philosophy is inextricably linked to the pursuit of equality, and I will not stay silent on these issues. It’s good for the soul to get loud.

Happy New Moon.

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