New Moon Ritual: Wait For the Light at the End of the Cycle


Normally, I get really excited for any sort of moon event — new moons, full moons, supermoons, Moon Pies, you name it. But for this new moon (on March 17th), I’m just not. 

So many changes have been happening in my life and in my body. I recently got off of a two-month round of antibiotics, which destroyed my gut and caused some serious (read: painful) digestive issues. I went off The Pill and got an IUD instead, and it’s not agreeing with me (hint: it’s part of the reason I have to use this mustache-bleaching turmeric mask). I gave notice at my full time job and am overwhelmed with work and freelance projects while I transition between roles. My wedding is in a month and planning it has been the biggest pain in my ass (but, you know, beautiful and priceless as well). Oh, and my period is synced up to the new moon so I’m just feeling blah and bloated and bitchy.

Anyone else?

We all go through periods of time like this. When something as easy as grocery shopping feels overwhelming, and something as small as a pimple on your chin can start a downward spiral of sadness. Much like the new moon, it’s a moment of darkness… that’s shaping up to become a beautiful ball of light. (Eventually.)

The new moon is all about setting intentions, but I feel too lazy to get deep with that . So instead of doing a meditation or performing a ritual, I think I’m just gonna lay in bed (or maybe in a bubble bath), have a good, cleansing cry, and wait for that light at the end of the moon cycle. It’s coming.