2 Magical Ways To Make Your Water Work Harder


Are you one of those people who finds water “boring?” I was. I subsisted on coffee and Diet Coke for about four years straight before realizing that my stomach aches and acne attacks were simply my body’s way of screaming for a damn glass of water. Once I begrudgingly started drinking eight glasses a day, my constant breakouts cleared up in less than a week — and because I’m vain as hell, I’ve never looked back. 

Water does a lot for you: It moisturizes your skin from the inside out, increases your energy, boosts your immune system, flushes out toxins (so no, you don’t need that juice cleanse), relieves headaches and body pains, and more. But could your water be working harder?

A couple years ago I was introduced to the $24 Beauty Water from Sakara while working as Khloé Kardashian’s ghostwriter and drowning in free swag. Its blend of H20, rose water, silica, and trace minerals is supposed to give your skin the glow-up with every sip — and that’s not just some hippie-dippy marketing jargon. The benefits of rose water and silica are scientifically proven. Rose water is calming and anti-inflammatory (and any skin condition is essentially just inflammation), and silica boosts the body’s natural production of collagen while helping your skin cells stay hydrated. 


I noticed a difference in my skin after I finished my first luxurious case of Beauty Water, but couldn’t keep up with the $24-for-6-bottles price tag when the swag stopped. Luckily, Sakara released these adorable little droppers of their Beauty Water Concentrate, so I can just pump however much or how little I’d like into my own water bottle on the go. At $39 for a dropper of Beauty Water and a dropper of Detox Water, it’s not exactly cheap... but it’s worth it, trust me. Especially if you like the taste of rose water (or dislike the taste of regular water — this stuff will make you want to drink more!). 

But lately, my favorite way to drink water is out of this over-the-top Elixir2Go crystal water bottle. It’s a glass water bottle that features a separate chamber on the bottom to house your crystals… in theory, infusing your drinking water with crystal energy. 

This may actually be some hippie-dippy marketing jargon — I can’t say that there’s actual, scientific proof that drinking water from a crystal-filled bottle will enrich your life. BUT. Think about it this way: Water is affected by vibrations. Crystals are subtly vibrating at all times, and the wavelength at which they vibrate determines their healing properties. It’s not completely crazy to think that crystals can infuse your drinking water with their mystical powers! (Only a little crazy.)


My bottle came with smoky quartz and clear quartz, but you can throw in whatever crystals you like, so long as they’re safe to put in water. Once you fill the bottle, you should let the water sit for about 45 minutes to an hour before consuming to ensure that each droplet is fully charged.

Whatever belief system you subscribe to (science or FUN CRYSTAL MAGIC), Beauty Water and crystal bottles make H2O that much less boring. And that, I definitely believe in.