A Brightening Mask That Cures “Hangover Face”


Has hangover face happened to you? You know, the face you wake up with after a night of debauchery (or just two glasses of wine, if you’re me)–it’s dehydrated, dull, and can best be described as blah. It rarely happens to women under the age of 25, but much like morning-after headaches and a lower threshold for getting “sloppy,” hangover face is increasingly common as you enter your thirties. And it’s not cute.

Last weekend’s hangover face gave me the perfect opportunity to test out Sand & Sky’s Brilliant Skin Purifying Clay Mask. If it could handle those dark circles, it could handle anything.

I got acquainted with Sand & Sky through their unrelenting targeted Facebook ads–it was like they knew me; knew I couldn’t resist a good face mask; knew that I would give in if they were persistent in the chase. They were right; I scooped up my own jar of Sand & Sky on Black Friday. 


The mask contains a not-so-secret ingredient (I mean, there’s a tab at the top of their site that says “Our Secret Ingredient” that goes into lengthy detail about said secret inredient) called Australian Pink Clay, that absorbs dirt and impurities while deep-cleaning pores. It also contains two natural ingredients that “invigorate” the skin: organic licorice and an Australian plant known as Old Man’s Weed, which is so ridiculous that it made me want to buy this mask even more. Sand & Sky also promises to protect skin from free radical damage, thanks to the addition of Kakadu Plum, kelp, and mangosteen.  

The Sand & Sky application is pretty straightforward: You apply it to freshly-cleaned skin and let it sit for 10 minutes. In that time, the mask changes from a wet, pink formula to a dry, white mask–it’s kind of cool to see the pink clay in action. I also love that Sand & Sky includes a brush in each package, so you can paint the mask on your skin with precision. 


I think it’s safe to say that Sand & Sky completely cured my hangover face. After 10 minutes in the mask, my skin went from blah to bright, and I at least looked like a functioning member of society again, even if I wasn’t quite feeling like one. Like all clay masks, it made my skin tight and dry afterwards, but that’s easily remedied with a little moisturizer. 


Looking for a quick cure for hangover face? Grab Sand & Sky’s Brilliant Skin Purifying Clay Mask here. I make no promises about hangover headaches, though.