3 Ways Crystal-Infused Beauty Can Actually Give You the Glow-Up


Pop culture’s relationship with crystals has evolved over time. I, for one, have gone from rolling my eyes at the thought of “vibes” to proudly displaying crystals on my desk at work, wearing them in my bra, and even co-creating an entire line of lingerie adorned with the damn things. But recently, our collective obsession has reached new heights: We’re calling on the power of crystals to enhance our beauty routines.

The mystical has gone mainstream. These days, major beauty brands are crushing up crystals and whipping up best-selling products as if skepticism was a thing of the past. And maybe it is. 

But if you still have the smallest kernel of doubt keeping you from hitting “Buy Now with 1-Click” on a crystal-infused body scrub, here’s everything you need to know about how crystal-infused beauty actually works. 

1. Crystals vibrate at higher frequencies

Naturally, the ~mystical~ reason gets top priority. Crystals have been used as healing tools since ancient times because of their “good vibes.” And before you roll your eyes at the term, take into account that the phrase “good vibes” was pretty much invented to describe crystals — they’re scientifically proven to vibrate at higher frequencies than us mere mortals. As Dr. Marnie Nussbaum, an NYC dermatologist, says, "We know crystals vibrate at a higher frequency and are therefore attracted to weaker cells.” When incorporated into skincare products, crystals can strengthen any “weak” spots on your skin (acne, dryness, whatever) to give you an overall, high-vibe glow. This also rings true for crystal-infused perfumes; they’ll mingle with your aura and raise your vibration with a single spritz. That’s the thought, anyway.

2. Crystals refract light (AKA, literally glow)

Even if you’re narrowing your eyes at point number one, you can’t deny that crystals physically refract light. When ground crystals are included in skincare or makeup products, what’s left behind on the skin will actually reflect light and make you appear more luminous. While that’s not a lasting effect, it’s at least scientifically proven.


3. Crystal powder exfoliates

When all else fails, the basics prevail. Crystal powder is a natural exfoliator. In lieu of your usual exfoliating cleanser or mask, you can reach for a crystal-infused version when you’re feeling fancy. The micro-granules of crystal will slough off any dead skin, dust, dirt, or grime on the surface and leave fresh, glowing skin behind. 

Convinced? Here are some of the crystal-infused products ILLUUM is loving right now. 

Adorn Rose Quartz Love Fragrance


Spray everyday to infuse your life with love. Plus, it smells amazing. Buy here.

Poppy & Someday Rose Quartz Face Mask


The makers of this all-natural face mask say, “According to Ayurvedic texts, the radiant energy of warmed rose quartz crystals as they are massaged on the skin, along the energy channels (nadi) and energy points (marmas), replenishes and restores the energy centres within the body.” I use this weekly and can attest to the glow-up. Buy here.

Rose Quartz Face Roller

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 1.01.39 PM.png

Like a jade roller, but packed with the self-love properties of rose quartz rather than the healing properties of jade. Buy here.