The $9 Drugstore Product That Completely Cured My Seasonal Dryness

My bathroom is overrun with oils, serums, and moisturizers, most purchased in moments of distress when nothing I already owned could heal my problem skin and I was at the mercy of every “This worked for me!” product review Amazon had to offer. 

When fall set in and my already-parched skin succumbed to red, flaky patches of seasonal dryness, I was ready to start the now-familiar journey down an Amazon click-hole again. My $185 Vintner’s Daughter serum wasn’t working. My organic, cold-pressed coconut oil didn’t change a thing. My prescription creams for psoriasis and eczema seemed to make it worse, and my Ayurvedic oil blend that promised to treat my pitta imbalance weren’t living up to the hype. 

Just before bed one night, I got the urge to rummage under the bathroom sink and pull out a product I’d only ever used to treat the peeling of a fresh tattoo: Aquaphor. I slathered it on my dry, itchy areas (for me, seasonal dry patches always appear under my nose and on my chin and cheeks) and went to sleep. 

After one night, the stubborn dry patches were virtually gone; after two, they were healed completely

Aquaphor is now a must-have for me, and not just because it offers almost endless opportunities to deliver this sick joke: “What’s Aquaphor?” “Drinking!”  (I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I’m like this, please keep reading.) 

Don’t worry about the goopy texture: If you have dry skin, it will literally soak up the Aquaphor overnight, leaving soft, clean-feeling skin behind. Of course, this isn’t really a daytime product unless you’re cool with walking around with shiny globs of salve on your face (which, honestly, sometimes I am).

And because it’s so cheap, I can afford to keep one tube in my medicine cabinet and one tube in my purse. If that’s not effective skincare, I don’t know what is.

Stock up here.