OMG This Book *Actually* Changed My Life: "Skin Cleanse"


The self-help genre gets a bad rap, and I’m not exactly sure why. My fiancé practically rolls his eyes every time a new Amazon package lands on our doorstep, because there’s sure to be the latest Brenée Brown or Elizabeth Gilbert book inside, ready to completely change my life with every page turn. But what’s so eye-roll-inducing about learning? About setting yourself up for success? About changing your life? Nothing, if you ask me. 

That’s why ILLUUM’s book review series is called “OMG This Book *Actually* Changed My Life.” Because books, especially of the self-help variety, actually can change your life. This is one that’s changed mine.

Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore was kind of a “Hail Mary” read for me when I was at the end of my rope dealing with my dermatitis — for a visual of what I was going through, click here. For some reason, I was super resistant to the idea that diet could affect my skin (how very, very wrong I was), and I trusted Western dermatology, not to mention drugstore skincare brands like Aveeno, completely. Until the endless pills, steroids, and creams my dermatologists prescribed proved to be total and utter, ineffective bullshit.

In Skin Cleanse, Grigore talks readers through her own (very similar) struggle with dermatologists. Her personal “Hail Mary” was quitting everything — the pills, the topical treatments, the products — and allowing her skin to detox. As in, the only thing she used was water. 

The book gives readers different detox levels to test for themselves. The recommended level, of course, is eliminating all products and seeing what happens. The next step down, for skeptics who aren’t willing to abandon everything (Hi! That’s me!), is narrowing down your skincare routine to just a few, all-natural products

Grigore also offers insight into how drugstore products are made (the ingredient lists are scary)  and regulated (basically, they aren’t); which foods support your skincare journey and which don’t; and how to create the best cleansers, moisturizers, and masks at home with all-natural, easy-to-find ingredients.

Skin Cleanse should be required reading for anyone even remotely interested in beauty and wellness. One, because Grigore’s methods actually work, and two, because it empowers readers to take control of their own self-care instead of leaving it in the hands of doctors, derms, and product manufacturers (because, as she says, “The beauty industry is ugly.”). 

You can read more about how to safely detox from your skincare products here and here. That should tide you over until your own copy of Skin Clease arrives in the mail!

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