Controversial Opinion: Vintner’s Daughter Serum is Just OK


If you’re a woman who’s into the high-end natural beauty scene or lives in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve heard of Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. If you haven’t, apparently Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is the best!!!

The $185, 30ml bottle of blended natural oils is said to “help fight the signs of aging and create clear, even-toned, firm and radiant skin,” which sounds pretty great. That, coupled with incredible online reviews — a lot of people swear this formula has “completely transformed” their skin, including a number of Goop editors — I felt compelled to fork over more than $200 after taxes and shipping to get my hands on some of the good stuff. (Hey, it came out of my wedding budget. I wanted to be a glowing bride.)

I eagerly tracked the package every day until it arrived until finally, the answer to all of my skincare prayers was here! But with hopes as high as these, of course I was disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong: This is a product that works and works well. And for women who have never dabbled in natural oils, I imagine that Vintner’s Daughter is a completely transformational product. 

Some of the key ingredients of the serum include rosehip seed oil, rose oil, grape seed oil, rosemary extract... essentially, oils I had been using on my own for months. I remember seeing a huge shift in my skin when I started using coconut oil and jojoba oil in place of moisturizers and slathering rosehip oil on my face before bed. Taking my beauty routine natural had already completely transformed my skin, so Vintner’s Daughters’ 22 natural active botanicals didn’t really offer me anything new.

The one thing I did love about Vintner’s Daughter was the application process they recommend. Here’s what they suggest: Put six drops of oil on your fingertips and rub them together to activate. Then, press your fingertips into your skin and hold for about five seconds. Repeat until your entire face is covered. To me, this felt like a mini face massage and helped the oils really skin into my skin.

BUT. I still say save yourself $200 and go natural with more affordable oils instead. Jojoba and rosehip are my favorites — and they won’t cost you more than $15 a pop.