Your Post-Full Moon Horoscope from Aurora Luna

Aurora Luna is a visionary artist and witch who helps others live out their own hero’s journey through exploring myth, ritual, and the occult. Through her work with Astrology and tarot she aims to give people a better understanding of themselves so that they can live their absolute best lives, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Once a month, she’ll be sharing her weekly horoscopes with ILLUUM readers. For more from Aurora, visit her merch page and her YouTube channel, or even better–book a 1:1 astrology reading with her!

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🌹Aquarius🌹 Relationships are the highlight of this week, dear Aquarius. Have you been feeling like you got blindsided with feelings about people and places you thought were in the past? Have you been getting urges to reach out or make amends with people who are “dead to you?” Have you been second guessing yourself? This week invites you to see that ALL of these situations and relationships (every kind) are here for a reason. Sometimes they come up because you need to deal with an underlying issue–not ACTUALLY reach out to said person or place–especially if it’s toxic. This week leaves you reflective to see what lessons you’ve learned, how you built up or lessened your boundaries, and how much you’ve changed. Find the blessings in the experiences, and if you do find yourself making amends, be gentle with both yourself and that other person.

🌹Aries 🌹 This week invites you to think about your friendships–with others and especially with yourself. Focus and examine how you treat others, compared to how you treat yourself. Are you your best friend’s hype person but you can barely summon any enthusiasm for your own hustle? Do you put others before yourself to the point that you have no room to take care of yourself? Really sit and examine these questions, and connect to yourself and the natural world around you to figure out why. You have a warrior spirit, Aries, but you can’t take care of others if you’re not taking care of yourself.

🌹Gemini 🌹New beginnings and breakthroughs are your themes for this week, Gemini. New moon intentions and petitions are starting to manifest and the rekindling of relationships (especially friendships) is the focus of this week. Take it easy this week and let the blessings come to you. This is not the time to “do the most” so that you get the results faster–you’ve done the work already now it’s time to sit back and relax. It’s harvest time.

🌹Taurus🌹 This week requires a little bit of courage, dear Taurus. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, if you’re feeling cloudy, and especially if you’re really struggling with life’s circumstances…now is not the time to hide away. Reach out to your trusted people, and if you don’t think you have any or if you don’t feel comfortable, reach out to your higher power/higher self/ancestors/angels/etc. Acknowledge your burdens, sit with your feelings! You are human, after all–it makes sense that you experience THE FULL spectrum of emotions not just the “love and light.” Focus on what is working in your life, focus on what solutions you can work towards, focus on doing YOUR personal best, and take one small step at a time. Be kind to yourself. You’re gonna be alright.

🌹Virgo🌹Now is not the time to get caught up in doubt! You had a pretty good birthday season, and now is the time to keep the positivity going. If you are feeling down because you haven’t made the progress you thought you’d be making by now, or if you haven’t received what you’ve been asking for, don’t give up your power and faith so easily. Ignore that dark voice in the back of your head. Reflect on pass successes and prayers answered. Reflect and be grateful for where you are currently. Let that restore your faith, and fuel you to keep taking the right actions at the right time to propel you to where you need to be!

🌹Scorpio🌹If you feel as if you are at the end of your despair because things are FINALLY starting to mellow out, the pat yourself on the back, You have survived your transformative journey and you’re now in a much better place to not only appreciate what you have, but to accumulate more. Let your newfound confidence, self control, and/or skills (especially those of you in school or whose journey involved some sort of training) lead you the prosperity you deserve! Yes, the prosperity you DESERVE. Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of that. Live your best life, fight for your own happiness. You didn’t come this far just to get this far. The universe is rooting for you.

🌹Libra 🌹Libra! It’s finally your season! Set yourself up for success by making sure your thoughts and actions are in alignment with your goals. “War is over if you want it”–if you want that change, if you want the peace you’ve been craving, the time is now. But you have to make sure you are ACTING like you want it and acting upon that desire, not just daydreaming and then taking actions to sabotage yourself. You can do it, Libra! Focus on where you are now, accept it, and then plot to move forward. With the present as your starting point, you will build an unshakeable foundation instead of one that was founded on the unseeable future or the irrelevant past.

🌹Cancer 🌹When we talk about self care and connecting with yourself, to a lot of people this brings to mind bath bombs, eating healthy, and taking care of your responsibilities–all things that are relatively easy and make logical sense. But what about the life maintenance that’s a little bit harder? Like cutting out that toxic habit, cutting off that friend or family member, or leaving that job. You cannot fully heal from a situation if you keep going back to it. Sometimes self care is about self removal. It’s about self preservation. This week invites you to examine any areas of your life where you can get rid of the last bit of dead weight that’s been holding you down.

🌹Pisces🌹 This week is all about the healing that balance can bring–the balance specifically of taking action, and then giving yourself time to recover and ground after said action. Now is not the time to burn yourself out. What good will success be if you’re too tired to enjoy it? Let go of the idea that you have to be ALL THE THINGS to ALL THE PEOPLE. You are just one person–do what needs to be done, but in between, don’t forget to rest and replenish yourself. Fill up your cup and drink your fill; when you are satisfied then pour the rest into others. It won’t do you any good if you are dehydrated out in these streets, now will it?

🌹Leo🌹 The storms of your life will only calm once the truth of a situation comes out. This week invites you to have that much needed conversation with a friend or family member. Sure, it might be hard and forgiveness might not be the end result, but it will move you forward and close that chapter of your life that needs closing–no matter what the outcome may be. Trust yourself, say what is needed, and then let the rest unfold naturally. Now is not the time to try to control a situation or person. What is meant to happen will happen.

🌹Capricorn 🌹 The full moon illuminates an area of your life that needs much attention. Be brave and come out of hiding, take off whatever masks you’ve been putting on when it comes to this situation. Be real with yourself and where you stand, so that you can move forward in the direction that aligns with where you ultimately want to go, not the direction that is the easiest. This week might also invite you to put on a mask so that you can muster the courage to do something. Maybe put out poetry or music under a name that isn’t your given one, or maybe making an anonymous donation to a cause you find worthwhile. Whatever it is, just know that the mask is a tool–not a shield–and once it becomes something that is harmful to you and your growth, you need to let it go.

🌹Sagittarius 🌹 If you are still being weighed down by a past friendship or relationship and haven’t been able to move on out of guilt or a sense of obligation, this week invites you to do some healing. Sit down with yourself and examine why you feel this way. The road is clear for you to move forward, so why are you stuck? Is it because of the pressure you put on yourself, or the narrative that they’ve given you? Is it because you think you’re being selfish? Take time this week to cut chords and cleanse yourself (literally and spiritually) so that you can see your new path forward. They way is safe, but you have to trust yourself. You are not your past.

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