WTF is Human Design Lesson 3: She’s Got a Type…

Woo game strong.

Woo game strong.

Hello Beautiful Humans!

Is it just me, or does it seem like EVERYONE in the wellness space is suddenly talking about Human Design? Do you feel like you can’t order a massaged kale salad without overhearing someone talking about the challenges of dating a Manifestor, dishing about how they’re riding their emotional wave, or bragging about their dope open Mind Center? Are you dying to know WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT?

Girl, I got you.👊

My name is Jaclyn Michelle (aspiring dog owner, tarot lover, Generator with Sacral Authority). I write the blog Interior Creature, and I’m a MASSIVE Human Design nerd. Over the next few weeks, Jessica and I have teamed up to give you a crash course in all things Human Design. In the first post in this series, I gave you the 411 on Human Design 101 and answered the burning question “WTF is Human Design?”  Last week, we listened to our bodies talk and took a deep dive into our centers and authorities. Finally, we’re pulling it all together today with a discussion of TYPES and STRATEGIES.

Types & Strategies: A Brief Explainer

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's put the five types into perspective. According to Ra Uru Hu, in a perfect world, where everyone understood and lived according to their Human Design, a mutually beneficial relationship is supposed to exist between the types:

Manifestors are here to INITIATE, and their focus should be on their impact.
Generators & Manifesting Generators are here to RESPOND, are their focus should be on knowing themselves, both their individual authority’s response process and what fulfills them/lights them up/turns them on.
Projectors are here to GUIDE, and their focus should be on knowing how to best utilize the gifts and energetic resources of the other types.
Reflectors are here to REFLECT the state of the world, and their focus should be on the wellbeing of the environment and the people around them.

Which type you are totally depends on which centers you have that are open and which are closed, and which are connected via channels. Each type has their own strategy for decision making. 

So here’s a hypothetical to illustrate how it all goes down, how each type is designed to use their strategy and authority together to make decisions:

Let’s say you’re type is Projector and you have Emotional/Solar Plexus authority in your chart. As a Projector, your type’s strategy is to wait for an invitation

Say you get a text from a close friend…and this text asks you on a date. Now this friend is someone who had never before expressed romantic interest in you…but you’ve had a little thing for them. So you leveraged your strategy and you waited for this. You did not initiate, and instead, while you waited, you just focused on what makes you authentic/awesome/magnetic. IT WORKED because the asking to take you out is the INVITATION you were hoping for.

In order to know whether to say YES or NO, you’d need to listen to your AUTHORITY, which in this case is Emotional/Solar Plexus. This type of authority asks for you to ride your emotional wave to gain clarity around your decision. You probably even rode this wave in anticipation of this moment when you realized you had feelings for your friend. When the invitation came through, you had more feelings to feel. You may have felt surprised by their text because you had NO IDEA if they felt this way, too. You might have felt anxious about how this new romantic layer might impact your friendship’s dynamic. Now you’re flattered they asked, and it gives you a confidence HIGH. You panic about what you would wear. Your heart goes crazy when you imagine what kissing them would be like. You FEEL ALL THE FEELS and then, when you’re calm and clear, you can go ahead and respond, and text back yes with a kissy face emoji because you’ve got moves.

So what does this process look like for you? Grab your Human Design chart to play along. Your specific TYPE and STRATEGY will be listed under the “Chart Properties” information on the right side of the screen on your chart on #notsponsored #justafan

Famous Manifestors:  Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou, Hitler…unfortunately, not all Manifestors use their powers for good

Famous Manifestors: Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou, Hitler…unfortunately, not all Manifestors use their powers for good

TYPE: Manifestor

Type Overview

Manifestors are about 8-9% of the world's population, and they are PURE DOERS. They have this unique access to the consistent energy inside themselves to just START things like projects, conversations, businesses, movements, etc. 

Manifestors have three important gifts to give the world:

  • they can act independently and quickly
  • they can initiate, and thus catalyze action in others
  • they can impact others through not only their auric energy but through the fruits of their manifestation

Whereas all of the other types need others to initiate them into their decisions, Manifestors are the initiators. Think of it this way: Manifestors really embody the “same car, different driver” metaphor. All the other types, when they get behind the wheel of the metaphorical car of life, they need to rely on their GPS to initiate them by giving them directions. Manifestors 👏don’t 👏need 👏no 👏stinking👏 GPS👏. They just get behind the wheel and TAKE OFF DRIVING. They already know where they’re going and how they’re getting there, and it DOES NOT MATTER to them if they're the only one who knows their plan. This can be super scary, especially for those Projectors/Generators/Reflectors who find themselves sitting in the passenger seat (like as a colleague or a romantic partner) with a Manifestor behind the wheel, flooring it.


Since no woman is an island, one way Manifestors can alleviate some of the stress/fear/anxiety their GO GO GO energy triggers is to simply INFORM others about their plans. Manifestors should give the ones they love and work with a polite HEADS UP about their plans BEFORE they jump in the driver’s seat and take off. 

Important note on informing: Informing does not mean the course of action is up for debate or discussion. This is not so folks can weigh in and try to change minds or plans. Nope. This is just a formality: it makes non-Manifestors feel like they were part of the decision-making process. By allowing them a little window of awareness into the plan of action, this clears the path of resistance, allowing the Manifestor the freedom to MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.

So many Manifestors grow up being told to sit still and stay silent, which shoves their powers of manifestation into the closet and leaves them feeling like others are trying to control them. Using their strategy of INFORMING is actually taking that power back: it gives those around them the illusion of collaboration and control, but ultimately leaves the Manifestor firmly in the drivers seat, empowering them to DO THE DAMN THING unimpeded. 

Famous Generators:  Oprah, Ellen, Madonna, me

Famous Generators: Oprah, Ellen, Madonna, me

TYPE: Generator
STRATEGY: To Respond

Type Overview

Generators are the workers. They are designed to do what they love and love what they do, and as long as they follow their strategy and authority, they have a huge amount of energy via their defined Sacral Center to activate to power their projects. They’re designed to fall into bed exhausted each and every day, feeling a deep sense of fulfillment and accomplishment through giving their energy to work that they love, whether that work is in a career or a hobby or devoted to raising and supporting a family. That said, that coveted sense of fulfillment only comes as a by-product of following your strategy of waiting to respond and by tuning into the messages from your authority. 

PSA: If you’re a Generator and feel like you’ve mastered the whole feeling-exhausted-at-the-end-of-the-day thing, but have’t felt that sense of fulfillment, go and check out my piece on Generators over at interior creature. I feel your pain! I’ve been there, and only recently was able to step off the struggle bus and into a life path that gives me the daily FUCK YES feeling Generators crave. When I was working at a job that required me to commit my energy every day to things that DID NOT fill me with joy or light me up, my body tried really hard to let me know it was time to move on, and eventually had to use illness to get it’s point across. So if you’re a Generator who is currently relying on caffeine just to function, who feels like crying every time your alarm goes off, or whose body is frustrated and just crying out for rest, you might be committing your energy to something that isn’t meant for you. It happens to all of us. As Generators, one of the lessons we learn through our design is to love ourselves and honor our talents enough to give them expression in the world, whether that’s via a career we love, a hobby we regularly devote time to, or by calling in and creating an amazing loving family. 


The key to a kicking ass at harnessing Generator energy is a simple, three-step process:

  1. wait
  2. react
  3. respond

This may seem really simple, but many Generators over-complicate the process by trying to skip a step or by ignoring their authority and committing their Sacral energy to something outside of their integrity. 

As Generators, we are NEVER NOT RESPONDING. #nevernotresponding Every breath we take is a response to our body needing oxygen. Every time we wash our hair it’s a response to the dry shampoo starting to irritate our scalp. You get what I mean. So if you’re a Generator, and you’re confused about whether or not you’re responding, here are three guiding questions you can ask yourself:

  1. By taking action, am I addressing a need?
  2. By taking action, am I answering a question?
  3. By taking action, am I filling a void?

If you can answer YES to anyone of those, CONGRATS! You’re responding. Now, before you take action, stop and check in with your authority to get a clear YES or NO as to whether or not this is your thing to respond to/your action to take. 

Famous Manifesting Generators:  Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Mother Teresa

Famous Manifesting Generators: Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Mother Teresa

TYPE: Manifesting Generator
STRATEGY: To Respond

Type Overview

Pure Generators comprise roughly 37% of the population, with their half-siblings, Manifesting Generators, comprising roughly 33%…which means the majority of folks on the planet are one of these two types. 

Here’s where Manifesting Generators and pure Generators are different: Like a pure Manifestor, a Manifesting Generator CAN initiate, BUT 👏🏻ONLY👏🏻 AFTER 👏🏻 honoring their Generator side's gut response. 

Manifesting Generators are like Manifestors in waiting. They have to have the Sacral reaction, listen to their authority (if it's anything other than Sacral), hold space for inner clarity, AND THEN dive in and respond for optimal results. And when Manifesting Generators initiate, WATCH OUT! They have the one-two punch of Manifestor zeal and Generator energy at their disposal, and can go from 0-60 once their Sacral Center is engaged. A bonus of having that Manifestor aspect to their design is that they can hit the brakes mid-engagement. Pure Generators, once they engage that Sacral energy, there is no turning back until the task is complete, but Manifesting Generators have that unique ability to pivot and course-correct as they go. 


Think of Manifesting Generators as the love child of a Manifestor and a Generator. They’re a true hybrid and carry both of their “parent type’s” DNA, so their strategy is a theme and variation of that of a true Manifestor or a true Generator:

  1. wait for something to respond to
  2. feel your sacral reaction OR tune into your authority and
  3. visualize/try it on/dip your toe in (hold space for inner clarity) 
  4. inform then 
  5. respond

Visualize: Many times, taking a beat AFTER experiencing the Sacral response just to test the waters and imagine the outcome is super helpful for Manifesting Generators. It helps them confirm their response before they act on it. It also helps with planning: sometimes Manifesting Generators engage their sacral energy so fast and get to work so quickly that they inadvertently skip crucial steps along the way...which means they might have to go back and redo some things once they think they're finished, which ultimately leads to frustration. One thing an Manifesting Generator HATES is unproductivity and having to retrace their steps is NOT something they enjoy.

Inform: Like pure Manifestors, an Manifesting Generator's plans go a lot more smoothly when they simply let people know what they're going to do before they do it. This stabilizes the energy around them, and though this step can feel like slowing down, it actually prevents a ton of resistance once they get going.

Famous Projectors:  Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II, Barack Obama, Pablo Picasso

Famous Projectors: Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II, Barack Obama, Pablo Picasso

TYPE: Projector
STRATEGY: To Wait for the Invitation

Type Overview

Projectors are about 21% of the world’s population, and their defining trait is that their Sacral Center is open, which means they are meant to work in short bursts, using the contact high they get from the energy of those with their Sacral Center defined.  

Projectors have a focused, probing aura and are able to engage with people on a deep energetic level. They are vulnerable to taking on the energies of others through their open centers, sampling and tasting what works best for them in different situations. Like Reflectors, since they potentially have many open centers, it's crucial that they are CURATORS of the energies they allow around on a regular basis. It’s also equally important that they get intimate with how their authority communicates to them, as it will let them know which invitations to accept and which to decline. 


It’s via the people Projectors curate around them that the invitations come.  Projectors offer a completely new way of harnessing the power of others, channeling energy and leveraging each person's individual strengths to make things happen. But in order for Projectors to share their gifts with the world, their talents need to first be RECOGNIZED, and really meaningful recognition doesn’t come from strangers: it comes from your closest family, friends and colleagues. The better you curate who those folks are, the better the chance your talents will be recognized and you’ll receive the coveted INVITATION.

A quick note on invitations: they don’t all show up on gorgeous stationary with fun fonts. An invitation can be anything that actively seeks their involvement. For example, say I was teaching a class and a Projector came across the course listing. I don’t actually need to personally walk up to the Projector and say “Oh gosh, oh golly, I would like to cordially invite you to take my class!” Just the fact that I am a teacher and I’m holding space for a class means I’m seeking students to get involved. If you’re someone who would benefit from the content in that class, the class is by default seeking your involvement. See what I mean? So a good litmus test type question for a Projector is “does this seek my involvement?” If you can answer yes with limited mental gymnastics, then BINGO, it’s an invitation.

Invitations are only needed for life’s major moments, like marriage or deciding to have children, changing careers or going back to school. Projectors do not need to be invited to do laundry or to buy a new pair of shoes. Instead, they have the same micro strategy for micro-decisions as Reflectors: do what feels good in the moment. And remember: who you’re with and where you are plus the influence of your closed centers is going to largely determine how you know what feels good.

Famous Reflectors:  Sandra Bullock, Ammachi (the Hugging Saint), Olympic gold medal figure skater Scott Hamilton 

Famous Reflectors: Sandra Bullock, Ammachi (the Hugging Saint), Olympic gold medal figure skater Scott Hamilton 

TYPE: Reflector
STRATEGY:  To wait a full cycle of the moon and then take action

Type Overview

Reflectors are the rarest of the five types, and make up about 1% of the population. If you’re a Reflector, having a 1:1 Human Design reading is SUPER IMPORTANT for two reasons:

  1. You have NO CLOSED CENTERS in your chart, which means it’s critical you learn how to navigate sampling & releasing all of the energy from others that’s coming at you CONSTANTLY
  2. You have no inner authority, so your strategy is the most complex of all the types. Not only are you all about #talkingitout to come to a decision, but gaining insight into which gates in your chart are activated and which planets touch them is going to give you ALL OF THE INSIGHT into how to navigate that Lunar Cycle pondering period before taking action.

Reflectors are here to be the social/emotional/spiritual barometers for their Tribe: when the Reflector is sick or sad, it’s the Tribe’s fault, because all the Reflector is built to do is mirror back the energy that surrounds them. Reflectors are REALLY SENSITIVE to current events, because they feel super empathetic toward the pain and suffering of others. Social media detoxes and turning off the CNN/NPR news alerts on their phones can actually make a world of difference. As can naps. Reflectors are built to work in short bursts and then REST, so consider this a prescription to nap when your body says it needs to. You’re welcome. 


Every time I tell a Reflector their strategy, I get some version of the “I’M SORRY, I’M SUPPOSED TO WHAT????” response. And I totally get that! It sounds bananas crazy to have to wait 28 days before you can take action on a decision, BUT I PROMISE there is a method to that madness.

The 28 day/moon cycle waiting rule only applies to MAJOR LIFE DECISION, like getting married, buying a house, switching careers, changing majors, having kids, etc. It does not apply to decisions like “Do I want a tuna sandwich or a kale salad for lunch?” So Reflectors have a micro-strategy for micro-decisions: do what feels good in the moment. 

And what feels good in the moment is going to be completely dependent upon where you are and who you’re with because you are just ONE GIANT OPEN HOLE for energy to fill or flow through. That is why it is CRUCIAL that you learn the two most important lessons that anyone can learn with a majority of their centers open:

  1. Be the SIEVE and not the SPONGE when it comes to the energies of the people around you and 
  2. Be a CURATOR and not a COLLECTOR or a HOARDER of friends

Because you are so vulnerable to and dependent on the energies of the people around you, think of your friend circle like a VIP room: who gets exclusive access? This is ESPECIALLY important when you’re making your decision. All Reflectors have Lunar/Moon Authority in their charts, which we discussed last week. In order for you to decide, you have to use the people around you as a sounding board, so you want to call people in that have energy you want to emulate. If you surround yourself with bitchy, low-vibe, judgmental, anxious, negative people, it will impact how you view the decision in front of you. However, if you’re around inspiring, aspirational, loving, generous, badass fearless females, their energy is going to lift you up so you can gain the perspective you need to make the decision that’s right for you. 

So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Goodnight.

I hate to go and leave this pretty sight. 😭

Real talk tho: this doesn’t have to be goodbye! There are several ways to keep in touch:

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