Courteney Cox Has Dinner Date With This Exact Jade Roller

by Jessica L. Yarbrough

via  @thecut  / The Image Direct

via @thecut / The Image Direct

Courteney Cox was spotted grabbing dinner with a jade roller earlier this week. The 55-year-old “Friends” actress and 5,000-year-old facial massage tool canoodled while waiting for a table at Cipriani, engaging in what appeared to be some light lymphatic drainage. But a source close to the couple tells illuum there may be something more serious happening here.

The roller in question is not actually a jade roller, as has been widely reported, but a rose quartz roller. And it’s not just a rose quartz roller, but a vibrating rose quartz roller. It gives off “6,000 sonic vibrations per minute,” says Angela Caglia, the celebrity aesthetician behind Cox’s exact Vibrating Rose Quartz Sculpting device (available on Net-a-Porter for $195).

Similar to a regular, non-vibrating roller, the tool is meant to cool, de-puff and sculpt “the jawline, cheeks, tech neck, upper lip and forehead,” Caglia says (as Cox demonstrates, the eye area is fair game, too). “Facial massage, in general, can improve the appearance of your skin in a myriad of ways, including improved circulation, relaxed muscles and toning.” The added vibrations take the rolling ritual to the next level by “amplifying” all of the above benefits. They also make the skin-care device ideal for dinner dates — since the sonic technology does the deep work, you’re free to absentmindedly roll with one hand and spoon pasta into your mouth with the other.

“Women can and should incorporate sonic vibrational massage technology into their skin-care routines at least one to two times a day,” Caglia adds in an email to illuum. Once in the morning and once at an evening social event is just fine.

“The use of rose quartz, the stone of universal love, was chosen for its powerful energy to purify and open the heart at all levels to promote self-love and deep inner peace,” the aesthetician explains. Clearly, it works: What says “deep inner peace” like a casual crystal massage at Cipriani?

Cover image via Instagram.