The Ultimate Lactic Acid Probiotic Face Mask

yogurt-face-mask-lactic-acid copy.jpg

Dairy is a notorious culprit for skin problems — that is, when it’s ingested. When applied on the skin, however, dairy (or more specifically, yogurt) is the exact opposite.

Yogurt is full of lactic acid and probiotics — two ingredients that normally drive up the price of skincare products. But you don't need to drop a lot of cash to get in this action; just buy yourself a tub of yogurt.


Naturally-occurring lactic acid dissolves dead skin cells in the gentlest way, safely unearthing the fresh cells chilling beneath the surface. In addition to making you look extra glow-y, lactic acid exfoliation also reduces the signs of aging (like wrinkles and fine lines), treats and prevents pimples, and brightens discoloration and scarring. 

Now about those probiotics: the active cultures in yogurt deliver a dose of good bacteria (essential for skin health!) and help reduce inflammation. When you add in the fact that yogurt also has antibacterial properties, anti-fungal properties, and is insanely moisturizing, you have to wonder... Why aren't more people putting yogurt on their faces?


Suggested use:
There’s no need to get fancy here — plain ol’ yogurt makes an incredible one-ingredient face mask. Look for full-dairy yogurt with active cultures (no coconut yogurt or Greek yogurt here) to reap all the benefits, and slather it on your bare skin. Let it soak in for 20 minutes, then remove with a cotton pad and follow with a gentle cleanser.


Yogurt is great for all skin types, but will especially help with: Acne, Aging, Hyperpigmentation, Scarring, Dermatitis, Dry Skin, Keratosis Pilaris, Sunburn, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dullness

What's the weirdest thing you've ever put on your face in the name of great skin?