Transforming All-Purpose Oil

Transforming All-Purpose Oil


A genderless, all-purpose oil for face, beard, and body; handmade in small batches with castor, jojoba, avocado, apricot kernel, prickly pear, tea tree, sandalwood, and neroli oils. 2 oz.

How It Works:

Our founder, Jessica, created Transforming All-Purpose Oil for her brother, Noah, to help him in his transition. When he began taking testosterone, he had to deal with the resulting acne — in addition to a fresh 'stache. ILLUUM wanted to create a single oil to handle anything, for anyone, of any gender, with any skin issue.

The resulting combination softens skin and facial hair (if you have it!) with castor and avocado oils, while simultaneously clearing and healing acne with prickly pear and tea tree oils. Apricot kernel oil deeply hydrates with Omega fatty acids, while neroli has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe nearly any skin concern, from pimples to eczema. Sandalwood oil brightens, lifting hyperpigmentation and scarring. This is a fast-absorbing oil that can be used day or night, without feeling greasy.

This oil is also infused with powerful intention. A portion of proceeds will support Noah in his transition and will be donated to his top surgery fund; and it is ILLUUM's hope that this oil will help raise awareness for trans safety. In Noah's words: "For the last two years, I start my day by binding my chest in order to feel more like myself. Binding is painful, restricts breathing, and can cause permanent damage over time. And even though I pass more often than not, I still get scared walking into the men's room everyday at work and in public. I want to live my life comfortably in my body without fear."

To Use:

Warm 2 - 6 drops between fingertips and apply anywhere — face, beard, or body. Store in a cool, dry place.

Made with natural ingredients.


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